z3Happily Ever After: Carol Gilbert Discusses The Facts Of Lice

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Homes and schools don’t get lice; people do. Head lice are human parasites and require human blood to survive. Head lice can be spread by direct head contact with an infested individual. Additionally, lice can be spread through sharing such personal items as hats, towels, brushes, hair accessories, etc. As well, there is a possibility of spreading lice via a pillow, headrest, or similar items.

For anyone who has ever suffered the agony of lice infestation, Fairy Lice Mothers is the ultimate “happily ever after”–and that’s no fairy tale! Unique in concept, it is a superb lice-removal service, featuring safe, nontoxic products and guaranteed results. They provide free counseling and guidance in keeping with their aim of educating the community on this frequently occurring but rarely discussed problem.

In an exclusive interview with the 5TJT, Fairy Lice Mother Carol Gilbert discusses her business, its evolution, and the facts of lice.

RMM: Who are the Fairy Lice Mothers?

CG: We are Carol Gilbert, Michelle Villella, and Chris Bonanno–all mothers of school-aged children. We started our business in 2008.

RMM: What was the impetus for launching the business?

CG: We felt there was so much wrong information about lice and that there was a lack of resources for obtaining help and guidance. After Michelle dealing with this for six months with her daughter, we felt that something had to be done. We studied at a lice-research center. We were intent on providing a much-needed service for our community.

RMM: What makes Fairy Lice Mothers unique?

CG: We educate our clients on the real facts of lice and how to do a proper comb-out. We enable them to address the issues on their own the next time it happens. They most certainly can come back to us; however, if they choose to try it themselves, we provide them with the knowledge to do so.

Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation on the topic, causing people to become overwhelmed and frustrated when they suddenly find themselves having to deal with lice. Our service is 100% guaranteed; every treatment comes with two free follow-up visits, which means we are with every one of our clients throughout the two-week process. We make sure our clients are not becoming re-infested after they leave our store. They might be around other people who still have lice. We act as detectives to narrow down who else a client may have come into close contact with who is infested with lice. This gives people a tremendous sense of peace of mind.

We give every client a receipt with codes that might be accepted by insurance companies. Our service is covered under the flexible spending plan.

RMM: Let’s discuss the evolution of Fairy Lice Mothers. What changes have come about since its inception?

CG: We started out as an at-home service. Back in those days, we would go all over Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, and even upstate to people’s homes. Our business grew so quickly we were unable to handle the volume as an in-home service, so we moved Fairy Lice Mothers into the basement of a house. Within a year, we outgrew that as well and opened the first storefront lice-removal service. Soon thereafter, we opened another storefront in Deer Park and one in Branchburg, NJ. Finally, we opened an in-home service in Austin, Texas.

RMM: What response has your business elicited from clients past and present?

CG: One client wrote, “They calmed me down. They calmed my daughter down. When we walked in, I was a raving lunatic; when we left, I felt so much better. At first I thought that it’s a bit pricey, but let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. Thank you so much! We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us!”

Most clients express the same reaction. They tell us they get peace of mind and that it is money well spent.

RMM: Carol, what are some of the key facts of lice that our readers should be aware of?

CG: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet, as there is so much wrong information out there. Lice can only live on your head; they cannot live in your house. If a louse were to come off your head (which is something it doesn’t want to do), it would die within 24 hours. It cannot lay eggs anywhere except for on the hair on a person’s head. We advise every parent to comb out their kids’ hair once a week. Use our MagicHalo Conditioner that has essential oils which will slow down a bug. Use it along with the MagicWand Nit Comb. If you use this once a week, you will be able to find a very early case and be able to manage it a lot more easily.

Once a week, take a peek! Use the comb while at home! Take the time; you’ll be fine!

We are here to help everyone. We give free advice whether you use our service or not. For those who cannot afford this service, we sell the same products we use and will show you how to get through this.

All of our products are 100% nontoxic and are safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, allergy sufferers, and children of all ages.

RMM: What are the most challenging cases you have encountered?

CG: We have a wide range of challenging cases. Once, we had a little girl who had just undergone surgery to get cochlear implants. Apparently, she had already been infested with lice before her surgery. When she came in, she was so badly infested it was extremely challenging to get the job done correctly, while avoiding the surgical area.

We also had a client who must have had this for eight months. You could actually see her head crawling with lice. She was a teenager and wore her hooded sweatshirt all the time so her mother wouldn’t notice. She was too embarrassed to tell anyone until her case became severe. It took us over five hours to remove the lice.

RMM: What house-cleaning method do you recommend to get rid of lice?

CG: Your home cannot be infested–only your head! Vacuuming is the safest and best way to remove lice, or fallen hairs with attached nits, from upholstered furniture, rugs, stuffed animals, or car seats–wherever someone with head lice may have rested his or her head. Pesticide sprays are unwarranted and may pose personal and environmental hazards. Vacuum and save your time and energy for what benefits you the most–thorough nit removal.

Fairy Lice Mothers is located at 2463 South Long Beach Road, Oceanside, NY 11572 and 1755 Deer Park Avenue, Deer Park, NY 11729. For further information, visit www.FairyLiceMothers.com or call 866-561-0492. v

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