DRS freshmen
DRS freshmen
DRS freshmen

This past Shabbos, DRS played host to the 82 students in its freshmen grade at the annual DRS freshmen Shabbaton. The weekend began on Thursday afternoon, when the students enjoyed an exciting shiur vs. shiur wacky Olympics competition in the “DRS Greenhouse” gym. Following the activity, the students were treated to a gala BBQ complete with hot dogs, burgers, French fries, and all the fixings. On Friday morning, following Shacharit, the freshmen competed in a 12-team flag football tournament followed by a pizza lunch.

After an afternoon of fun and games, the students prepared for a meaningful Shabbat, which began with an inspiring Kaballat Shabbat in DRS’s beautiful beit midrash. The students in the entire grade were joined by their rebbeim and DRS administration for a wonderful Friday night meal. The zemirot were “rocking” as the meal turned into a lively and leibedik tisch led by some of the students themselves. Following dinner, the students took part in a Family Feud competition which pitted the different Gemara classes against one another.

Throughout the rest of Shabbos, the students were treated to fantastic shiurim and divrei Torah from their rebbeim and classmates. The Shabbos was capped off by a meaningful shalosh seudot at the home of DRS menahel Rabbi Kaminetsky. In his closing Shabbaton message, Rabbi Kaminetsky made it clear to all of the students that his home was their home, and that they should always feel comfortable there as they were now part of the DRS family.

It was clear that the Shabbaton fostered many new friendships throughout the ninth grade, and DRS looks forward to many more exciting events throughout the year. v


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