Fantasy Football

By Yisrael Rubin

Mailbag Question:

I play in a keeper league and at this point in the season there are some teams that are clearly out of contention. The owners of these teams have been selling off their players for future draft picks. The issue is that other owners feel that the last place teams are ruining the integrity of the league for the people still contending. Is there any way to strike a balance to allow bottom feeders to improve their future while not ruining it for the rest of the teams?

The issue you are dealing with exists within all keeper leagues. A team that is destined for last place can and should set themselves up for a better situation next year. The only time that these trades become a real issue is when the last place team is making bad trades. As I discussed earlier in the season, most trades are very subjective, there are cases for both sides. If a trade is clearly lopsided, then the commissioner should step in. If you really don’t want teams to go full tank mode then you should create a last place penalty. But the format of a keeper league is one that relies on the ability for teams to turn to the future, so your options are limited.

Players I Like This Week

Mitchell Trubisky has been on a tear the last three weeks and the Jets defense has not given me any reason to think they can slow him down.

Marlon Mack has regained his clear role as the lead runner for the Colts. After last week’s explosion he faces off against a Raiders defense that is as inept as they come.

Jarvis Landry is in a good position to exploit the Steelers this week. As Baker Mayfield continues to get more acclimated to the NFL game, I expect Landry to be the primary beneficiary.

O.J. Howard has been a consistent option at the shallow tight end position. This week he faces the Bengals who are ranked 30th in the NFL against tight ends.

The Eagles D/ST main weakness this year has been their secondary. It seems like Bortles will remain the starter. Regardless of who is under center the Jaguars’ offense has struggled to do anything recently.

Players I Will Avoid This Week

The Panthers are playing a stout Baltimore defense. I would try to avoid as many of their players as you can.

Best of luck in Week Eight.

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