By Yisrael Rubin


By Yisrael Rubin

Week Six is almost upon us and we are nearly halfway done with the fantasy football regular season. This is the time to improve your team and secure your spot atop your league standings. Hopefully you took my advice to try to get Mark Ingram because the buy low window has been sealed shut.

Mailbag Questions:

Before the season our league agreed on a certain set of rules with regards to trades. However, our commissioner forgot to change the settings. Do you think the commissioner can change them now?

Changing settings midseason is a tough issue. The only settings that can ever be changed midseason are settings like adding an injured reserve slot, changing the time a player is on waivers, or rules of that nature. If a midseason change in one of those settings is deemed necessary then I think the league should vote, with a ⅔ majority being needed to change the setting. In the case of your league it appears the setting was agreed upon prior to the start of the season, so there should be no issue. The commissioner made a mistake and now he should fix it.

This season has been the ugliest kicking season I’ve ever seen. Plenty of leagues have done away with kickers. What do you think?

Mason Crosby missing five kicks last week has finally woken everyone up. I think the kicker should have been done away with years ago. Unfortunately all the leagues I play in still use them. The kicker is just a crapshoot who lacks any excitement. The thought of a kicker deciding who wins or loses a matchup is nightmare fuel. It’s time for no kicker leagues to be the norm.

Players I Like This Week

Jameis Winston is starting for the Buccaneers after the bye week and has a great matchup to get his rhythm back. If you need to stream a QB he may be the best option.

As long as Leonard Fournette is out, you need to be starting T.J. Yeldon. He plays Dallas who stymied Alfred Blue in the run game but gave up 70+ yards to him receiving out of the back field. Yeldon should get plenty of touches in this one.

I know Calvin Ridley was a huge disappointment last week, but I would roll him out again with confidence. The Buccaneers have one of the worst secondaries in the league and someone (not Julio Jones) is bound to catch a touchdown this week. If you are in real need of a wide receiver Mohamed Sanu may be worth a gamble as well.

Josh Gordon is another risky play. He didn’t get many targets, but he did big things with the few he had. The Patriots are playing at home versus the Chiefs and I expect a lot of points to fly around.

Tight end is as ugly as it has ever been; your best bet is chasing a touchdown. C.J. Uzomah has looked competent as Tyler Eifret’s replacement. Dalton looks to his tight ends near the end zone. Hopefully Uzomah can benefit from that.

Baltimore D/ST faces off against the Titans this week. The Titan’s offense has looked anemic until this point and I see no reason for that to change as long as Marcus Mariota can’t feel his throwing hand.

If you are really desperate, the stars could align and lead to Ronald Jones II having a nice game. If you are desperate enough to start Ronald Jones your team has a whole host of issues. Until this point the rookie has either been ineffective or inactive. But the Falcons defense has been horrendous — they get run all over and allow a lot of receiving yards to running backs.

Players I Will Avoid This Week

LeSean MCcoy has been terrible this season, and throw in that the Texans limited Ezekiel Elliot to 54 rushing yards last week and this has avoid written all over it.

Best of luck in Week Six.

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