A recent post on the official Facebook pages of Fatah, the leading Palestinian political party in the West Bank, glorifies terror attacks that left dozens of Israelis injured or dead, Palestinian Media Watch reports. The post comes only days before direct negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel are set to resume in Washington.

The Facebook page celebrates a series of “terror firsts” achieved by Fatah: the first suicide bombing against Israel, the first suicide bombing by a woman against Israel, and others. The page glorifies an attack that it claims killed “the most” Israelis in a single terror attack; a double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv’s central bus station that took place in 2003. Fatah boasts of the bombing that it “killed more than 30 and wounded more than 200.”

The attacks celebrated on the Facebook page also include the most lethal terror attack in Israel’s history: a 1978 bus hijacking in which 37 civilians were murdered. The 1972 Munich attack on Israel’s Olympic team, in which 11 Israeli athletes were murdered is also praised.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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