By Devora Scott-Thoennes and Leah Reich, 12th-graders

Shalhevet’s father-daughter learning event was a great success! Tuesday, December 25, over 50 fathers and their daughters gathered in the ballroom for a scrumptious lunch of pizza, salad, fruit, and pastries, and a delightfully inspiring afternoon. Rabbi Eliach began the program by discussing the idea that although Chanukah has already passed, there is much to be learned about the significance the holiday plays in our modern times.

The next hour was spent analyzing and exploring source packets. Rabbi Eliach then tied all the pieces into a beautiful message about the beauty of Chanukah and concluded with a heartfelt thanks to our modern-day Maccabeeim, the Israel Defense Forces. Many thanks to Rabbi Eliach and the Shalhevet faculty who made this special event possible!

A special thank-you to the sponsors for this program: Zena and Martin Cohen, parents of Tehila Cohen, grade 10, in memory of Harry Aeder-Naftali Hertz ben R’ Zev Halevi, Anita Aeder-Anna bas Moshe, and Irving Cohen-Yisroel ben Boruch Dovid haCohen; Malka and Shimon Waronker, parents of Shoshana Waronker, grade 10, in memory of Yakov ben Shimon and Volva ben Avrohom; Stacy and Robbie Zeitz, parents of Kayla Zeitz, grade 12, in memory of Ruth and Harold Weiss, Evelyn and Emmanuel Kahn, Rose and Jack Weiselman, and Esther and Moshe Nachman Zeitz; and Chani and Shalom Gold-Zargari, parents of Dalia, grade 9, in memory of Taliya Dalia bat Malka, Golda Baila bat Chana, and Shlomo ben Taliya Dalia. Opportunities to sponsor rosh chodesh programs are available. Please contact Eliza at the Shalhevet office. v


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