The FBI today busted three alleged cyber-crooks in New York City following an elaborate online sting operation targeting credit-card fraudsters, The Post has learned.

Several other people were also arrested “around the globe” as part of the two-year probe, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Court papers say the FBI set up an undercover Web forum in June 2010 to snare “carders” who use the Internet to trade hacking methods and to buy and sell stolen data, card-counterfeiting hardware and merchandise bought with stolen credit cards.

“Based on information obtained through the site, the FBI estimates that it helped financial institutions prevent many millions of dollars in losses from credit card fraud and other criminal activity, and has alerted specific individuals regarding breaches of their personal email or other accounts,” Special Agent Jordan Loyd wrote in a complaint filed in Manhattan federal court.

One of those busted today was Joshua Hicks, who allegedly joined the site in October, using the online nickname “OxideDox” and an email address of Court papers said Hicks introduced himself to the forum by boasting that “I’ve been in the hacking scene for a while” and had recently stolen more than 800 credit-card numbers from a Web site he infiltrated.

Hicks later engaged in a series of online chats with an undercover FBI agent, allegedly saying he was willing to trade stolen credit-card information for a digital camera or an iPad.

He then cut a deal to sell 15 “dumps” of stolen credit-card data for a camera and $250 in cash, and sent numbers for the first five, noting: “those are 3 days fresh, so they should be fine.”

After the feds sent him $250 in electronic currency through an unidentified accomplice, Hicks sent the other 10 “dumps,” then met another undercover agent in downtown Manhattan, where another agent gave him a camera on Feb. 28.

Prosecutors are expected to release further information about the case later today.

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