Supervisor of America’s largest township boosts Fertig for open Assembly seat


Supervisor of America’s largest township boosts Fertig for open Assembly seat
Supervisor of America’s largest township boosts Fertig for open Assembly seat

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray threw her support behind Assembly candidate Avi Fertig today.  Murray’s endorsement represents a second major boost to Fertig’s Assembly campaign in the past few weeks.

Avi Fertig, the Republican, Conservative & Tax Revolt nominee for the open 20th Assembly District, was endorsed by Senator Dean Skelos, the Senate Majority Leader, in September.

Praising Fertig’s “common sense” and “ability to get things done,” Supervisor Murray — herself a former New York State Assemblywoman – endorsed Avi Fertig and his plan to create jobs, expand our economy, bring home tax relief aid and fund large scale infrastructure improvement projects.

“I am delighted to throw my support behind our next State Assemblyman from New York’s 20th District, Avi Fertig,” Murray said.  “Avi Fertig cares about neighbors.  I know how he will fight tooth and nail for every community he serves.  Avi Fertig will stand up for our middle class families, neighbors and children.”

Supervisor Murray called Fertig “the best candidate to replace Assemblyman Weisenberg, a man whose own legacy has meant so much for our community.”

Citing Fertig’s impressive commitment to public service, Supervisor Murray recalls walking through some of the areas hardest-hit by Superstorm Sandy, just days after the storm

“I was very impressed with Avi’s rare combination of genuine compassion for the plight of the people we met, and his commonsense and leadership ability when attacking problems and finding practical solutions,” said Supervisor Murray. “His inane sense of what it means to be a public servant is very distinct, and it left quite an impression on me,” Murray said.

Thanking Supervisor Murray for her support, Fertig added that “Supervisor Kate Murray is an outstanding public official, and a textbook example of good government.  I am so appreciative of her support of my campaign to change Albany, and what she has taught me about leadership.”

“I’m running for Assembly to make Long Island an affordable place to live, work and raise a family…or open a business, begin a career or retire in comfort.  I’m ready to start on Day One with bipartisan ideas to cut taxes, create jobs and move New York and the South Shore forward,” said Fertig.


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