Prime Minister Netanyahu hosts members of the Israel Bonds/Finance Ministry Economic Mission business delegation on October 29
Prime Minister Netanyahu hosts members of the Israel Bonds/Finance Ministry Economic
Mission business delegation on October 29

An international business delegation held under the joint auspices of Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds and the Israeli Finance Ministry’s Economic Mission visited Israel from October 26 through October 29 for a revealing look at Israel’s cutting-edge technology sector.

Israel is at the global epicenter of innovative technology, a point underscored by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who told delegates that his government is focused on facilitating tech-sector growth through penetration of new markets and continuous development of new products.

Much of Israel’s technology, particularly in the realm of cyber security, is being created in the Negev, the development of which, the prime minister emphasized, is the continued fulfillment of “the Zionist dream.”

Netanyahu added that Israeli technology has evolved in such a way that it impacts everyday life. He noted Israel’s technological expertise has facilitated closer relationships with India, China, and Japan, and expanding into these and other markets is an important reason for Israel’s “unlimited potential for growth.”

The delegation coincided with a wave of Palestinian terror attacks. The fact that participants were undeterred from traveling to Israel was recognized and appreciated by Netanyahu, who thanked delegates for coming to Israel “during this challenging time.”

The delegation visited numerous high-tech enterprises in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and spent an entire day in Beersheba, which is being positioned as “the cyber-security capital of the world.”

While in Beersheba, delegates visited a high-tech industrial park that is the site of incubators developing the next wave of Israeli innovation. The park was adjacent to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where a meeting was held with university president Professor Rivka Carmi. A separate meeting with Israeli scientist and high-tech entrepreneur Dr. Orna Berry was held at EMC Center of Excellence.

Additionally, participants had a firsthand look at how Israeli tech is protecting the nation through an onsite visit to an Iron Dome missile battery.

The delegation also had a significant economic component, highlighted by briefings from Finance Ministry Director General Shai Babad and Accountant General Michal Abadi-Boiangiu, as well as Professor Eugene Kandel, chairman of the National Economic Council.

Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz addressed the delegation at the closing dinner in Jerusalem.

The business delegation was chaired by Avi Lindenbaum, managing director of Burnham Kodem Growth Partners LP, and Daniel Rosen, managing director of Rosen Partners LLC. The group comprised next-generation business executives and venture capitalists.


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