Natasha Srulowitz and Adele Dubin

Elisheva returned home from seminary undecided about her next step. She was nervous about making a decision that seriously impacts the rest of her life. Chaim’s wife just had a second baby and he feels that the time is right for him to transition from learning to working. Devorah started college with the idea that she would figure out what she wanted to be but two years in, she still is unclear what is the right path for her.

Elisheva, Chaim, and Devorah, and the hundreds of women and men who are finishing high school, college, or full-time learning every year face the same quandary. They know very little about the career choices available to them, what is involved with each profession and which is best for them.

The economics of the Jewish community demand that they choose financially stable, growing professions, but the values and lifestyle of the frum world often constrict their choices. On top of all this, their parents do not feel equipped to guide them. The work world is so different today than it was when their generation was making their own personal life decisions.

Recognizing this problem, Natasha Srulowitz and Adele Dubin came together two years ago and founded WayFind which offers education and career support geared towards the Orthodox Jewish community.

WayFind’s mission is to help members of the frum community choose career paths that best suit their interests, skills, strengths, and values. They have helped many young people across the country and Israel hone in on who they are, understand their options and position themselves for success.

WayFind offers a three-session package that is exploratory and informative. It promotes self-awareness and educates and informs each client about what is available to him/her, i.e, day-to-day tasks, salaries, market demand, lifestyle requirements, and necessary education. The process includes a variety of assessments, a customized profile, guided homework, and a career framework that visually examines the relationship between careers and values and enables the client to choose between tradeoffs. WayFind often schedules calls with professionals to further educate their clients. By the end, the client has been empowered to make a career decision and WayFind provides a roadmap to get there.

The JCCRP has partnered with WayFind to offer these sessions free of charge for a limited time to clients who qualify. Since 1972, the JCCRP aids thousands annually by determining the nature and extent of clients’ basic needs and methods of meeting those needs. The JCCRP offers information and referral services about community activities and resources and works collaboratively with governmental and nongovernmental organizations for improvements in crime prevention, the expansion of housing, community services, crisis intervention, health and social services, and similar areas of concern.

“We are very excited about this partnership with WayFind. We recognize this as a crucial step to getting people self-sufficient. The JCCRP has historically been helping community members who are struggling financially. We see this as a fantastic proactive step toward independence and financial freedom,” said Moshe Brandsdorfer, executive director of the JCCRP.

In order to find out if you qualify, please call WayFind at 516-253-1147, e-mail or call the JCCRP at 718-327-7755.


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