Two window washers were saved from the 42nd floor of a midtown office building Wednesday after their scaffold got stuck and was dangling at a terrifying 45-degree angle for a half-hour, FDNY officials said.

Firefighters from Rescue Co. 1 and Ladder Co. 4 arrived at the Sixth Ave. building near W. 46th St. about 10:20 a.m. to find the two men on a tilted platform hanging on one rope, officials said.

A source said one of the two motors that operates the scaffolding had failed.

“They were holding on for dear life, but they were also secured by their own safety lines,” FDNY Lt. Tony Tarabocchia said. “They had good nylon rope for a safety line.”

The two – one in his 60s, one in his 40s – stood trembling on the hanging structure while rescuers cut through the double-layered window.

A window washer is rescued after his scaffold got stuck on the 40th floor of 1177 6th ave. — Passers-by catch a glimpse

“They were in distress … They were afraid of slipping down and coming off the scaffolding,” Tarabocchia said.

At least two dozen firefighters responded to the high-rise rescue effort.

Tarabocchia said firefighters cut a roughly 5×3 foot section of the window and successfully pulled the cut portion inside, a risky maneuver because of the height and the possibility the glass could have fallen hundreds of feet, shattering on the asphalt.

Authorities cleared pedestrians and vehicular traffic from the block, officials said.

Responders threw two sets of ropes to the workers who were shaken up by the ordeal but who were relieved when help arrived.

The older man said it was the third time he had been saved from a suspended scaffold on the side of a building.

“[He] was a pro at it,” the lieutenant said.

Source: The NY Daily News


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