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It was a remarkable launch for the new local wedding hall, as a leading talmid of Sh’or Yoshuv married a local young woman in the Valley Stream facility.

Guests were astounded by the beauty and décor of the new facility called “Ateres Sara.” Ateres Sara is housed in Congregation Beth Gavriel, and is named for Rabbi Yair Hoffman’s mother, Sara Hoffman, a’h. There are three branches of Congregation Beth Gavriel, one in Queens, one in Manhattan, and now one in Valley Stream.

The badeken, chuppah, and centerpieces were masterfully decorated by One of a Kind Flowers from Boro Park. The delicious food was cooked by the master chefs of Ateres Sara’s house catering, with a main dish of shoulder roast and stuffed capon, and a remarkable assortment of smorgasbord dishes with a piping-hot carving station of a wide variety of meats.

The stunning lighting of the hall itself throughout the building was done by Aryeh Lehrer which significantly contributed to the beauty of the hall.

The musical singing of the Sh’or Yoshuv yeshiva students from the chassan’s tisch until the end of the wedding was inspiring, as was the music provided by Rabbi Moshe Hamel and C.M. Schwartz. The rosh ha’yeshiva, Rav Naftoli Jaeger, shlita, was mesader kiddushin.

The hall has its own mini-ballroom that fits hundreds of people, which was used for the chassan’s tisch. The grand ballroom can house 550 people and has a huge dance floor. There is also a separate chuppah room with a 38-foot ceiling and a skylight for chuppah tachas ha’shamayim.

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