RCCS 5 Towns events

Recently, the communities of Cedarhurst, Lawrence, and North Woodmere opened their homes and their hearts to the remarkable and wondrous organization, RCCS. The organization needs very little introduction as it has helped thousands of cancer-stricken individuals receive the help and hope that they so desperately need. In 2016, in the Five Towns area alone, 40 cancer patients received over $220,000 worth of insurance grants and other vital services that this amazing organization provides. It is truly a one-of-a-kind organization–and what better place to show the Jewish community’s appreciation for RCCS’s amazing work than the communities of Cedarhurst, Lawrence, and North Woodmere, which are world-renowned for their devotion and support for the many wonderful organizations throughout the Jewish community.

The Cedarhurst “Evening of Miracles” event was at the home of Yossie and Deena Eisenberger, and it truly was a magnificent affair. Hosted by RCCS supporter and board member Shlomo Weiss, the elegant evening gave the 200+ attendees a true understanding of the vital work that RCCS does on a daily basis. Rabbi Yaakov Feitman, rav of Kehillas Beis Yehuda Tzvi, gave the energetic crowd a personal and heartfelt plea to support this great organization. He talked about his tremendous hakaras ha’tov to RCCS for all the wonderful work that they do for the Jewish community and implored everyone to do all they can for the families of RCCS. With live music and a splendid cuisine provided by Judd’s Memphis Kitchen, the event was a true testament to the sterling reputation of RCCS.

The North Woodmere event was at the home of Dovi and Suri Schwadel. The evening was sponsored by Heart to Heart, The Omni Companies, Dependable Abstract, and other generous companies, who value the integral work of RCCS. The crowd of over 100 people was entreated to an exquisite buffet provided by the Carving Block and a refreshing dessert station courtesy of Rita’s. To cap off a great event, Jewish music superstar Avraham Fried serenaded the crowd with heartfelt niggunim at a kumzits.

The Lawrence event, “A Morning of Miracles,” was a gourmet breakfast catered by Batya’s Kitchen at the home of Motti and Hadassah Jacobowitz. The dedicated committee was co-hosted by Dovi Zaphir and Yossi Nussbaum. The breakfast was a resounding success as to date it has brought in over $100,000 of support for the patients of RCCS.

These three events are only a small example of the myriad events and campaigns that RCCS runs during the year. While it is unfortunate that an organization such as RCCS exists, it would be a tragedy if RCCS wasn’t around to provide the necessary support and funds to those who are suffering through this terrible machalah. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu send a refuah sheleimah to all of the patients of RCCS, and may this great chesed institution continue to receive the unwavering support from our Five Towns community and all the communities throughout the Jewish world.

For more information or to become a partner in this remarkable organization, call 718- 722-2002 or visit www.rccscancer.org.


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