The Committee for the Yoetzet of the Five Towns is excited to present the Five Towns Women’s Health and Halacha Day. Local physicians, mental-health professionals, and yoatzot will be coming together on Sunday, February 9 at the Young Israel of Woodmere to help educate women on a variety of important topics related to women’s health. Presenters will discuss topics such as fertility, sexuality, breast-cancer awareness, contraception, postpartum depression, menopause, and more. Additionally, there will be a young-adult track addressing the first gynecological visit, body awareness, and healthy relationships.

Five Towns Women’s Health and Halacha Day speakers include Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, Dr. Rivkie Hirt, Dr. Josh Klein, Dr. Heather Appelbaum, Dr. Lisa Bogdonoff, Dr. Elana Kastner, Dr. Margo Spitzer, Dr. Jonathan Herman, Yoetzet Lisa Septimus, Yoetzet Avital Weisman, Yoetzet Bracha Rutner, Rabbi Ariel Rackovsky, Esther Feuer, Dr. Michael Salamon, Dr. Annie Frenkel, Linda Katz, Elen Haimoff, and Rachel Tuchman.

“I am very excited to host so many outstanding and learned professionals to address subjects related to the many important medical issues that are involved in women’s health from both a halachic point of view and a medical perspective,” says Rabbi Hershel Billet of the Young Israel of Woodmere.

Rabbi Kenneth Hain, of Beth Sholom of Lawrence, adds, “This is a wonderful opportunity for our community to gain access to informed leaders in significant issues, [who] bring together contemporary medical, psychological, and Jewish perspectives. This extraordinary day of sharing and learning is the result of the leadership of our outstanding Yoetzet Halachah Lisa Septimus and her dedicated committee.”

Interested participants can get the preregistration price of $10 online at www.5towns (the price will be $15 at the door). This program has been generously sponsored by RMA New York and the Young Israel of Woodmere. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact 5towns for further information. v


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