The recent killing of a young couple and their baby in Williamsburg, by a murderer who had previously killed someone with a gun and served only ten years in jail, is more than an individual tragedy. It clearly demonstrates that our society lacks the most essential requirement of a civilized society — a moral justice system. How is it that a reckless murderer lives free among us? Is this justice? And what can be done to reestablish justice in America, as required by the Seven Noachide Laws?

Although the USA has more of its people in jail, per capita, than any country, many who should be in jail are walking free. Others are locked up, whose incarceration is highly questionable.

In December of 2006, James Ealy killed the manager of a Chicago restaurant in a robbery that yielded $2,000. Twenty years earlier he had been found guilty of murdering a mother, two of her daughters and her 3-year-old grandson, and was sentenced to life in prison. However, the Illinois Appellate Court overturned the conviction and turned him loose, claiming the police had arrested him without probable cause and conducted an illegal search.
Timothy Buss was convicted of killing and mutilating a ten year old boy in 1996. Fifteen years earlier he had been convicted for the murder of a 5-year-old girl and had served half of a 25-year sentence when he was paroled in 1993. Tragically, there are many more such cases.

At the opposite side of this very same justice system, are righteous individuals sentenced under highly questionable circumstances. In 2007 Scooter Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, was sentenced to 2½ years in prison for “lying” and obstructing a “CIA leak investigation.” When compared to the lying and misinformation heard daily from government officials, it’s difficult to conclude that Libby’s trial and sentence was anything but politically motivated.
In 2009 Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years in prison by a judge who was found to be directly involved in planning the immigration raid on Rubashkin’s company Agriprocessors. This occurred at the very time that the federal government was seeking the ways and means for legalizing undocumented workers, and was “investing” multi-millions into failing “green” companies, guilty of the very same “crimes” as Rubashkin.
We can no longer abdicate our responsibility and allow this to continue. As participants in this society, it is incumbent upon us to do whatever it takes to correct these travesties. How?

The forward thinking founders of the USA, who studied and learned from thousands of years of history, recognized that no human being has the right to rule over others. Power not only corrupts, it inevitably leads to tyranny.  They therefore developed a system of representative government based solidly on the will of the people, along with checks and balances among three branches of the federal government. This system worked relatively well for the first couple of centuries, including enormous progress by way of emancipation, womens’ suffrage, civil rights and incredible advances in productivity, innovation and technology in every field of endeavor.

The tide began to turn in January 1962, when President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10988, empowering public employee unions by presidential fiat. Over time, public employee unions built up an enormous and powerful political army, which dwarfs the U.S. Armed Forces in sheer numbers and political muscle, and is now the driving force of our federal government. Public employee unions also hold sway over the public educational system and all tiers of government, as clearly described and documented in the recently published book, Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers blind.

The front line of this battle, where The People and Public Employee Unions face off against each other, is in education, which unions now control. The first step to take back our government is therefore gaining control of education. Thanks to New Jersey’s only father-son team, Senator Anthony Bucco, Sr. and Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, Jr., New Jersey now has the most innovative school choice bill in the country.  The NJ Parental Rights and Property Tax Reduction Act (S2614/A3875) restores power and responsibility to parents, where it rightfully belongs, improves education by force of competition, and lowers property taxes!

The only leverage we have to assure passage of this bill is to elect those who support it. New Jersey will hold elections in 2013 for all 120 seats in the State Legislature and that of Governor. The question New Jerseyans need ask of those campaigning for votes is their stand on the one bill that will open the pathway toward government of-by-for-the-people? We need to elect those who will end the tyranny and restore justice. New Jersey legislators may be reached at 800-792-8630. Office of the Governor is 609-292-6000.

New Jersey voters, and anyone with contacts in New Jersey, can begin the process of retaking their government and justice system by taking action; phone calls, letters, meetings and rallies; anything to help elect those who support the fundamental principles of a just and civil society.

by Israel Teitelbaum

Israel Teitelbaum serves as secretary of Alliance for Free Choice in Education. He can be reached at 973-820-6121 or


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