Beautifully bound and expertly crafted, Flowers in the Desert is a stunning book showcasing the history and growth of Jewish life in the Five Towns. Published by The Jewish Heritage Society of the Five Towns in 2018, this book was a culmination of countless years of research, writing, editing, and design. In this pictorial narrative, Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky recounts the journey of the Five Towns, and how it developed from a sparsely populated, barely-there community to a hub and center of thriving Jewish life.

Bottom Line Marketing Group is proud to accept the prestigious 55th Anniversary GDUSA Design Award for its graphic design work and production on this illustrious book. The winning piece—Flowers in The Desert—is truly a masterpiece, utilizing a clean visual approach to keep the text legible and the reader constantly engaged. Replete with a trove of never-before-seen historical pictures, each of the 284 pages of this beautiful hardcover book was carefully crafted and designed to tell the story of the Five Towns and the legacy of its visionaries. Bottom Line Marketing Group is grateful to have played a role in sharing that story and is appreciative of the recognition from Graphic Design USA.


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