Danielle Renov from Love Peas and Carrots

Rosh Hashanah begins next week! All this week we will be featuring different recipes and techniques for challah. To submit your recipe (with photos or videos) send email to 2frankkids@gmail.com!

Danielle Renov‘s name is known to many Jewish cooks. Born in the Five Towns, Renov of @peaslovencarrots brings her Moroccan and mediterranean influenced recipes to a worldwide audience from her home in Jerusalem, Israel. On her popular website, peaslovencarrots.com, and various social media platforms she shares her love of cooking with her viewers. From blogging to vlogging, restaurant consulting to recipe developing, and cooking demos to private classes, everything Danielle whips up is done with a huge smile, bursting with laughter and, most importantly, filled with amazing food!

Today she is sharing her challah techniques with 5TJT.com! First you’ll need the recipe. Then you’ll want to watch Danielle’s challah shaping tutorial. Enjoy!


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