This is the big one and it is arguable that the stakes have never been higher.  As has been written in this space numerous times over the last few months, this is not an election about personalities or their different styles.  It’s not about their ability to verbally jab the opponent or score points as if they were doing fancy foot work around a boxing ring in Madison Square Garden.

On November 6th, when you go out to vote you will not just be voting for either President Barrack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney, you will be casting your ballot that will weigh in and decide the future direction of this country for the foreseeable future.

The question is whether you want the US to be a throwback to the high taxed inflation dominated days of Jimmy Carter, a time dominated by a failed and pessimistic foreign policy  or the more manageable and hopeful era of Ronald Reagan, a period in time where the image of America garnered maximum respect in every corner of the world.

Who can forget President Obama telling Russian President Medvedev in front of a microphone that he did not know was operational that he would be able to be a lot more flexible in dealing with the Russians after the election in November.  And then there was the Medvedev response: “Okay, I will tell Vladimir (Putin).”

If one really wants to review all the reasons why we should be voting for Mitt Romney all you need to do is read Bill Keller’s Op-Ed column in last Sundays New York Times.  Keller, the former Times Editor-in-Chief, espouses advice he would offer Mr. Romney in the foreign policy arena.

Keller says that he believes Romney should go easy on Iran, be more accommodating to Palestinian President Abbas and be tougher and more demanding of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel (of course).  He suggests that Romney try to get closer the President Morsi in Egypt  and that the US remain uninvolved in Syria despite a tragic humanitarian crisis and the murder by President Assad of 30,000 of his own citizens.

The Keller advice is startling but then is less so when you realize that he wants Mr. Romney to lose the election to Mr. Obama.

And then there is the all-important matter of the economy, unemployment, crisis in families and so on down the line.  The Obama presidency has been an apt illustration of Murphy’s Law—that is, everything that could go wrong, will go wrong.

And no one admits this more openly and even unabashedly then President Obama.  He says that mistakes were made.  He openly admits that he has not achieved goals or anything close to them in many areas.  But he also asks for mote time so that he can keep on trying and over the next four years make greater and more concentrated efforts to get things right.

Is this what America wants for itself? I this what you want for your family and yourself? I don’t think so. The choice is clear. 


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