By Rochelle Maruch Miller

“Caring about our nation’s history has been a passion of mine since a young age, so I am undertaking the run for Congress with a deep appreciation of the principles of freedom and human dignity that have made this country the greatest in the history of the world,” says Frank Scaturro, the Republican Conservative Congressional candidate in the 4th District, in an exclusive interview with the 5TJT prior to next week’s Primary Election. “These principles drove the struggle for independence from Britain during the Revolution, emancipation during the Civil War, and for victory over totalitarianism during the 20th century. I enter this race having worked in both the private and public sector, having written and taught about the Constitution. I have devoted much of my career as an attorney, writer, and teacher to the Constitution, the national blueprint all legislators swear to uphold in their first official act. That document will remain foremost in my mind in every decision I make as will our tradition of protecting civil rights.”

Frank Scaturro is an attorney and author who worked for over four years as counsel for the Constitution on the Senate Judicial Committee. Frank was a key aide to President Bush’s nomination of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, in addition to the two attorney general nominations and the beginning phase of the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. In 2014, Michael Barone reported that Frank “has a serious chance to win the Republican as well as the Conservative nomination this year” and John Gizzi called Frank “the early favorite with the Republican nomination.” Many insiders believe the GOP machine leaders who endorse the opponent would prefer to lose the seat so that Rice, the probable Democratic nominee, can vacate her position as district attorney, making it more likely the GOP regain that position and its “ample patronage.”

Personable and highly principled, Frank Scaturro is beholden to no one; rather, he is a leader whose convictions are deeply rooted in the Constitution. He has the potential to be a congressman akin to Paul Ryan or Michele Bachmann; he is that principled, that eloquent a speaker, and that hard a worker. Newsweek has described him as being “one of the best candidates in the nation.”

“Our leaders should not ask us to believe in them unless they believe in you,” Frank posits. “We don’t have a sustainable situation. We have a tax code that punishes the people of our community and we are facing a crisis of opportunity. We need to create jobs and reduce taxes and debt. Nassau County’s tax burden is one of the highest in the nation. We must reduce taxes, simplify the tax code, and reform the budget process.”

Instead of focusing on creating jobs and fixing the economy, “the government focused on Obamacare, creating a crisis of rationing, whereas the promise repeatedly made of being able to use one’s physicians of choice under Obamacare was broken time after time, First and foremost, we need to get rid of Obamacare. It has caused many of our families to lose their health insurance and doctors, pay higher premiums, or purchase coverage they do not want.”

Frank posits that we must repeal and replace Obamacare with a patient-centered, market-driven alternative that empowers our families to make their own health decisions.

Deeply committed to protecting our community and our nation, the candidate expresses the need to remain vigilant to one of our greatest challenges–“terrorism spawned by radical Islamic extremists.” He adds, “We need to secure our borders. We must remain focused on a national security with a renewed confidence in America’s values and support for embattled allies, like Israel, that share our values.”

A staunch supporter of Israel and a loyal friend of our community, Frank has demanded immediate action from the administration for the release of the three kidnapped Israeli students. “We stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and the Jewish people in condemning in the strongest terms the kidnapping of Jewish students Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach, and Naftali Frankel in Israel . . . The Obama administration, with the support of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and John Kerry, ignored repeated warnings of the dangers of trusting the Palestinian Authority. This administration has referred to Abbas as ‘a true partner for peace.’ Last week, Fatah signed a unity agreement with the Hamas terrorist organization, which was supported by this administration.

Again, Israel’s warnings were ignored. We call on President Obama, Susan Rice, and John Kerry to condemn the kidnapping of Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach, and Naftali Frankel and demand the immediate release of the students, with the threat of cessation of any and all financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority until they are returned safely.”

Frank Scaturro personifies the ideals of our nation’s Founding Fathers and is, in this writer’s opinion, truly deserving of our community’s vote. He has the legislative experience and the convictions to turn things around–which is why it is vital that every one of us vote in next week’s primary.

“There are people who have become cynical about the system, but we can turn things around,” says Frank. “I’m talking about a new paradigm for American policy that reaffirms our values. We really need to clean house and bring new principled leadership to Washington. We need people to step up to the plate and take their country back.” He adds, “I spent most of my career in a legislative level. This is the natural next step for a person who sees a problem and wants to fix it.”

Frank Scaturro shares our values and will, if elected to Congress, represent us and be a powerful voice for us in Washington. Elect Frank to Congress by making him our choice on Primary Day, June 24! v


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