By Matthew M. Hausman 

In 1975 the United Nations General Assembly passed its infamous resolution equating Zionism with racism.  Although rescinded some years later, it established a plan for delegitimizing Israel by undermining Jewish national claims and rewriting history.  That plan continues today, finding expression in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (“BDS”) movement, the left-wing obsession to brand Israel an apartheid state, and the revisionist Palestinian narrative.  It is also enabled by a Jewish left that excuses progressive Israel bashers by falsely distinguishing anti-Zionism from Jew-hatred.  But denying that Jews are entitled to sovereignty in their homeland requires the suppression of Jewish history and acceptance of an incompatible national myth that has no factual foundation.  To deny Jews the basic right of self-determination is to denigrate their stature as an extant, ancient people; and treating them differently from all other nations on earth is indeed a form of antisemitism.

There seems to be no shortage of politicians, academics and celebrities who embrace anti-Zionism.  One of the most visible lately is rock musician Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, who publicly promotes the BDS movement and who recently spoke before the United Nations accusing Israel of apartheid and ethnic cleansing, though both claims are demonstrably false.  Mr. Waters is typical of social and political progressives who blame Israel for destabilizing the Mideast and who find common cause with an Arab-Muslim world that has no regard for democratic ideals or human rights.  Those who claim only to want justice for the Palestinians either don’t know that they are historical latecomers to Israel, or do know but are simply motivated by hatred for the Jewish State.  To some ears, it sounds more rational to deny Israel’s legitimacy by adopting a competing national claim, even one that is predicated on doctrinal antisemitism and historical revisionism.

Whereas there is irrefutable archeological, ethnographic and literary proof that Jews have inhabited Israel since time immemorial, there is no similar evidence of an ancient, indigenous Palestinian people.  To compensate for their lack of historicity, the Palestinians deprecate the Jewish connection to Israel with lies and distortions that are often repeated by their supporters on the left.  They contend, for example, that the Jewish People originated in Europe and that the Temple never stood in Jerusalem.  They claim that the Jews were complicit in the Crusades, although Jews suffered far worse than anyone else at the hands of the Crusaders.  They argue that the archeological record, which is so rich in linguistic, cultural and architectural evidence of ancient Jewish life in Israel, is simply the product of Zionist propaganda.  In so doing, they project their own lack of national bona fides onto the only people with a continuous link to the land.  The audacity of such claims is truly Orwellian.

When history fails they default to faith, attempting to lay superior religious claims that are not borne out even by their own scriptures.  Despite the assertion that Jerusalem is the third holiest city in …read more
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