In viewing the Democratic National Convention video of the plenum vote to reinstate references to G-d and the fact that Jerusalem is the capital city of Jerusalem, the world witnessed the perpetration of a very casual and comfortable fraud taking place before our very eyes.

It was a stellar moment for this Democratic Party that as far as I could see, did not resemble by any margin whatsoever the Democrats of years gone by.  The way they went about it is not dissimilar to the way you may forget something after you leave home and then just calmly turn your car around, retrieve the item you left behind and then are once again gone on your merry way.

But the Democratic Party last week in Charlotte, North Carolina did not forget their keys or their cell phones.  They—claimed anyway—that it was just an oversight, perhaps an indifference that eradicated references to G-d in their national platform that was carefully written, voted on, adapted and presented.  That they also excised the traditional reference to the item that fraudulently claims that they recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; this entire episode may not have been such a glaringly large item in the news media.

But, you say, isn’t leaving G-d out if one of those platform planks a little of a bigger deal or issue than this persistent debate about whose sovereignty the holy city of Jerusalem falls under.  After all, it is true that Jerusalem indeed looms large on the global scene, but isn’t G-d just a little bigger?

The way this observer sees it, G-d is kind of invisible even somewhat agile and therefore can manuver around a lot easier than many of us as well as any other issue that mundane material characters like the Democratic Party may have to deal with.  I mean G-d can be whisked in and out of some political party plank a lot quicker and more gracefully perhaps than a disputed chunk of real estate with multiple claims to it from a combination of well-meaning as well as devious parties.

And that brings us to Jerusalem and the so-called “oversight” that left the reference to the city as the recognized capital of the State of Israel out of the Democratic platform.  The “oversight” at least had some slivers of honesty and integrity represented therein.  What happened next to respond to the criticism of the extraction of the Jerusalem reference is even more bogus and a larger fraud than the initial move.

Amongst other things the amendment to the platform midway through last week’s convention was read into the record and flashed on a large electronic screen in the arena that said, “President Obama recognizes Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.” Is there anything more dishonest than those words that have come to the fore of late?

There is one small matter that causes a bit of a problem with that stated position.  And that is the small matter that President Obama does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  Other than that it was an accurate statement that was read into the convention record. But why should small contradiction befuddle the American political process?

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