The anti-Semitic vandalism on the locker (pictured here) of former New York Police Department officer David Attali included swastikas, the words “dirty Jew,” pictures of ham or bacon (which are prohibited under Jewish dietary laws), and newspaper clippings that read, “Hail Hitler.” Photo: Provided photo. – A former New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer is suing the force for $150 million after facing what he claims was years of vicious antisemitic discrimination and abuse at the hands of his fellow officers, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by

Former NYPD officer David Attali said he was subjected to daily antisemitic harassment and ridicule by his colleagues, who constantly referred to him as “Jew,” “dirty Jew,” and “f***ing Jew,” according to the legal complaint.

Attali, a 31-year-old New York City resident who holds dual American and Israeli citizenship, said he endured the abuse for years before filing a complaint and resigning from the force just six years into his career.

The 26-page legal complaint viewed by paints an oftentimes disturbing portrait of Attali’s time working as an officer in the department’s World Trade Center (WTC) Command in downtown New York City.

Attali said he was subjected to daily antisemitic tirades that were not only tolerated by those on the force but condoned by top leaders at WTC Command.

“It started as ‘Jew’ and then its ‘you f***ing Jew’ and Hitler and the concentration camps,” Attali told during a telephone interview that took place in the presence of his lawyer, Rocco Avallone of Avallone & Bellistri.

“They would throw change in my direction and say, ‘Can you resist it, Jew? Watch him go after it,’” Attali said, also recalling the “non-stop talk about concentration camps.”

Attali’s lawsuit targets the city of New York, as well as five WTC Command police officers, a deputy inspector, two sergeants, and a lieutenant, according to the complaint.

In addition to enduring near-constant verbal abuse, Attali said his workspace was repeatedly vandalized. Eventually, he said, it became too much for him to handle. He quit the NYPD in August 2014.

“Three years is a long time,” he said. “Imagine for three years you’re not called by your name. It’s just ‘f’in Jew,’ ‘dirty Jew,’ every type of curse possible with ‘Jew’ after it. For three years. Nonstop.”

Last May, Attali filed an internal complaint with the NYPD, though it is unclear whether it resulted in any action. A spokesman for the New York City Law Department declined to comment on the proceedings, telling that “the matter is under review.”

In July 2014, Attali went further, filing a discrimination charge with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which handles claims of workplace bias based on race and religion.

By November, the EEOC is said to have issued to Attali a “right to sue” letter informing him that a case could be pursued in federal court, according to the legal documents.

An EEOC spokesman declined to comment on the case, saying that it is “strictly prohibited by law from confirming …read more

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