Shackled and cuffed: The men charged with the murder of Peter Figoski at their indictment in December 2011

The four daughters who lost their father in a  brutal 2011 shooting appeared in court today, as the trial for his alleged  shooter began today.

NYPD detective Peter Figoski was shot dead by  Lamont Pride in the dangerous Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York two  Decembers ago, prosecutors allege.

One of the slain cop’s daughters, Caitlyn  Figoski, had to leave the courtroom at one point as the jury heard in gruesome  detail how Pride allegedly shot him in the face at close range.

The New York Daily News reports that the young woman nearly fainted and needed  assistance from her mother, Paulette, to exit; the distressed blonde did not  return until opening statements were nearly over.

Shackled and cuffed: The men charged with the murder of Peter Figoski at their indictment in December 2011

The opening statements are being held today  in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Both Pride and Michael Velez are facing  murder charges in Figoski’s death. Police say that the two were attempting to  rob the home of a suspected drug dealer, NY1 reports.

Pride confessed to shooting the officer out  of panic as officers arrived on scene; Velez is accused of driving the getaway  car.

According to the New York Post,  Figoski’s widow and four daughters were present in the  courtroom, joined by his brothers in blue.

Each appeared somber-faced as they listened  to the trial proceedings.

NY1 reports that  one of the alleged accomplices, Ariel Tejada, cut a deal  to testify against  Pride and Velez in exchange for a lighter sentencing.

During his 22-year career in the force, he  earned12 medals and made more than 200 arrests.

He was posthumously promoted to detective,  first-class.

Figoski’s top priority was always his  daughters and it was widely known he put off retirement to ensure he had enough  money to put them all through college.

His funeral drew up to 20,000 police  officers, family members, and friends to the church in Long Island where the  girls and their father were all baptized.

There are also four alleged accomplices:  Nelson Morales, 27, who is accused of being the ringleader; Ariel Tejada, 22;  alleged getaway driver Michael Velez, 21, and 30-year-old ex-con Kevin Santos,  were also indicted in the slaying.

They are accused of trying to steal  from a  marijuana dealer in a basement apartment in the notoriously  dangerous Brooklyn  neighborhood of East New York.

When they allegedly broke in and began  beating the dealer, a neighbour called 911.

Figoski and his partner were providing backup  to two officers when Pride and another man tried to flee, police  said.

During a struggle between his partner and one  of the suspects, Mr Figoski came face-to-face with Pride, who allegedly shot him  before the officer  could draw his own weapon. He died in hospital hours  later.


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