Footage has emerged of how close one motorist  came to becoming another victim of the deadly Moscow plane crash today.

At least four Russians died when a passenger  airliner overshot a runway and broke into pieces at a Moscow airport.

Officials said up to eight people were on  board the Tupolev-204 – flight number RWZ9268 -  as it rolled off the  runway at Vnukovo airport and burst through a perimeter fence onto a  highway.

Shocking The next minute second, a huge aeroplane wheel  hurtles against the car in front along with other debris

And this incredible video shows how a casual  weekend drive could have resulted in catastrophic consequences.

The driver’s camera captures the moment the  plane crashes into the highway, and you can even make out one one the plane’s  wheels hurtling into the vehicle in front.

After a screeching of brakes and loud impact  noise, the driver casually brings the car to a halt by the side of the  road.

State television news channel Vestishowed a photo of the wrecked plane’s fuselage  with the livery of the low-cost Russian Red Wings airline. Its  nose, including the cockpit area, appeared sheared off.

Two people were found dead at the scene,  while a third victim, a 27-year-old woman, died on the way to hospital. Three  others were severely injured.

The captain and co-pilotwere among those  killed, reported Interfax.

Interior Ministry officials believe the cause  of the crash could be pilot error. Light  snow was falling in Moscow at the time.

The plane was flying in from Pardubice, in  the Czech Republic after dropping off tourists and then returning to its home  Moscow base with just crew on board.

A criminal case over possible flight safety  violations has been launched, said official spokesman of Investigative Committee  Vladimir Markin said.

The preliminary cause of the accident is  pilots’ error, he added.

Early reports say the jet,  crashed at around 16:35 local time (12:35  GMT). after being forced to make a second  landing attempt.

It rolled out from the runway into Kievskoye  Highway, fell into three pieces and caught fire over 100 square  meters.

It has been claimed that vehicles used by  Vnukovo firefighters were being repaired so the first emergency crews to appear  on the scene arrived at least than 50 minutes after the blaze broke  out.

One motorist told Interfax: ‘There was a  front part of the plane lying on half of the highway, the right wing attached to  it was on fire.’

Another said: ‘The body of the plane was off  the road. It grasped my attention that the plane body was not much damaged and  inside, where the passengers should sit, there was nobody, the seats were  empty.”

Prior to Saturday’s crash, there had been no fatal accidents reported for Tu-204s, which entered commercial service in 1995. The plane is a twin-engine mid-range jet with a capacity of about 210 passengers.

Vnukovo, on the southern outskirts of Moscow,  is one of the Russian capital’s three international airports.

Source: The Daily Mail


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