Fox News host Todd Starnes on Thursday advocated for the United States to supply Ukrainian Jews with weapons and ammunition after flyers, distributed over Passover, ordered them to register with authorities or face deportation.

“The United States should send a gun and box of ammo to every Jew living in Ukraine,” he wrote on Twitter. “We must stand with our Jewish friends!”

In another Twitter post, Starnes mocked President Obama for not paying enough attention to the leaflets circulating in eastern Ukraine.

“They’re talking about rounding up Ukrainian Jews and Obama is talking about diplomacy,” Starnes wrote.

He reiterated the sentiments in a Fox News Radio blog post titled Maybe It’s Time to Arm the Ukrainian Jews. Starnes said, “The president said he wants to give diplomacy a chance. Are you kidding me?”

“Russian troops have invaded Ukraine. One of their fighter jets buzzed an American warship. Jews are being targeted. Meanwhile, President Obama is  sitting in the backseat of the presidential limo taking selfies with his vice president,” he added. “In the spirit of diplomacy, it’s time for our Commander-in-Chief to grow a backbone.”

The notices, first reported on Wednesday, were distributed to Jews leaving Passover services in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, according to reports. They demanded that Jews report to authorities and provide a list of their property. Penalties for non-compliance listed on the flyer included deportation and revocation of citizenship.

Although the flyers were reportedly signed by Denis Pushilin, chairman of Donetsk’s temporary government, he denied being behind the flyers or distributing them. His spokesperson accused pro-Ukrainian groups of orchestrating the incident.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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