I opposed administrative detention — of both Jews and Arabs — when I was in the Knesset. I also opposed forced feeding. I believe that the continued occupation of Judea and Samaria causes Israel to consistently violate human rights, which in turn brings about the deterioration of the standard of liberty in the entire country. Israel must declare sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, thus ending the occupation in the same manner it did in the Golan Heights. All options must be opened for the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria, while safeguarding their human rights.

I have already written that it really does not interest me if those who threw the firebombs into the (Arab) home in Duma were Jews or Arabs. Whoever did it must be punished. But as of this point, it is not at all clear that the Jewish youths in administrative detention were connected whatsoever to the case.

Even if they admit to the crime and re-enact it 100 times.

Even if they will be convicted and all the rabbis will condemn them roundly, as is standard procedure — I will not believe they are guilty.

Because when teens are held for many long months in the Shabak cellars, when their right to meet with a lawyer is taken from them — they are liable to say anything. The pressure that the security apparatus felt from the Left’s “Why haven’t you arrested anyone yet?” sobbing festival has driven them to perpetrate a long string of indecent acts, under the auspices of (Arab) Supreme Court Justice Salim Jubran. Yesterday he authorized the continued negation of the rights of the detainees.

I once heard an evaluation from the President of the Attorney’s Association, who said that approximately 15% of those convicted of murder in Israel are not actually guilty of the crime. So how can we relate seriously to this ridiculous ‘investigation’ — in which all the human rights of the detainees — all of them juveniles — are seriously abused ? Soon their half year of administrative detention will be up, and then, of course, an extension will be requested. After all, Defense Minister Ya’alon will not want to lose face and admit that there is no evidence against these boys.

Our enemies already know that all they have to do is to vandalize their own property and write ‘Price Tag’ in order to implicate Jews in the crime. They cut down their own trees and write ‘Price Tag’. They set fire to carpets in their mosques and write ‘Price Tag’ on the walls. That is what they did in Tuba Zangaria. Even in Tel Aviv, a terror cell planning precisely the same act in the Hassan Bek Mosque was caught before they could put their plans into action.

So why shouldn’t they do the same thing in Duma? The police and Shabak know that better than I do. But they work for the media and the ‘Peace Industry’ nobility. They do not work for the State of Israel. …read more

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