By Larry Gordon –

The Christmas-New Year’s season is upon us, the time of year that leadership here in the US and elsewhere does some introspection and tried to demonstrate some good will toward its fellow man.

For some it is once again the time of year for a passing glance at a last chance. That is the situation that Jonathan Pollard and we as members of the American Jewish community find ourselves in. Pollard is in his 29th year of imprisonment for spying for friendly Israel. He is in poor health and has been punished beyond reason.

So it’s hard to believe that this is just about Jonathan Pollard. It is about us and sending a clear and unambiguous message about the strength and influence the American Jewish community thinks it has.

You’re still offended by what Pollard did? Well, are you offended by his excessive and extreme punishment or are you able to park your humanity on the side of the road for this one?

It is not a time to be angry or upset. It is time for President Obama to open his heart and free a man who concedes that he made a terrible mistake and has been amply punished.

Jonathan Pollard wants to go home to Israel. It’s time for the president to let him go


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