French Jews are facing immense Anti-Semitism, and fleeing the country — while many Jews are moving to Israel, what are the financial implications of this mass exodus? New-York based lawyer Marlen Kruzhkov has consulted nearly a dozen French Jewish families who he estimates have brought $1.4 Billion Dollars to America in recent months.  As their families move, they have unique financial and structural needs — and they are investing enmasse.

Kruzhkov concentrates his practice in the areas of corporate and transactional law — and spent the summer back and forth to France. He’s a lawyer with boutique NY agency Gusrae Kaplan, and  is one of the foremost attorneys in the United States advising foreign clients, including Russian speaking clients regarding their international legal needs and counts among his clientele numerous entities and high net-worth individuals in Russia. The recent changes in Europe have seen him pick up many French and European Jewish clients.


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