A new French film being promoted in French media claims of a worldwide conspiracy by “oligarchs” to claim a “new world order,” and the Jews are at the center of the story.

Advertisements for the film, “Oligarchy and Zionism,”  directed by Beatrice Pignede,  have even been accepted by respected French media outlets such as Le Figaro, Le Nouvel Observateur, and Liberation.

UniFrancefilms published a synopsis of the movie, writing, “This film endeavors to relate the project of this internationalist oligarchy, which has confiscated democracy and people’s sovereignty to the benefit of a caste, by questioning its origins and its networks-lobbies, but, above all, by showing its flaws. The financial oligarchy wants to drown the world in chaos, blood and warfare, and goes about this through its game of repeated provocations and counterprovocations. This tactic will help to deflect attention from the extremely serious collapse of their system and to stifle any questioning that could change the order.”

The film, which claims to be independent, is distributed by Clap 36, the same company that distributed last year’s “The Anti-Semite,” which mocked Nazi death camp Auschwitz and features the Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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