SKA Freshman Experience

SKA’s Freshman Class of 2023 enjoyed an exciting bonding experience in Camp Kaylie on Tuesday, September 12. The ninth graders were joined by associate principal Ms. Elana Flaumenhaft, director of student activities Rabbi Yosef Zakutinsky, social worker Ms. Lisa Fogel, the ninth-grade-level advisers Mrs. Rikki Ash, Mrs. Tzippy Calm, and Mrs. Sheila Leibtag, and members of SKA’s G.O. Thanks to the members of the administration and faculty, the new SKA students had a meaningful and entertaining time.

The Freshman Experience was filled with divrei Torah, games and activities, delicious meals, and much camaraderie. It was an incredible way to solidify budding friendships and foster relationships and opportunities with fellow students, faculty, and administration members alike.

SKA’s Holocaust Journal Wins Gold — Again

SKA Holocaust Journal editing team

Congratulations to the 2019 SKA Holocaust Journal editors, Sara Blass, Rivka Kolodny, Leora Koenig, Avigael Sauber, Yael Shtern, Atara Sicklick, Chana Spirn, and Liora Sturm, and art editors Aviva Klahr and Eliana Weiss, on winning a gold medal award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for “The Seeds, The Roots, The Legacy.” As ninth graders, the girls worked exceptionally hard to create this beautiful journal, which is composed of poems, stories, and artwork all created by the freshman students. The journal, compiled for presentation on Yom HaShoah, has consistently been awarded for excellence.

Last year’s journal was deemed by the CSPA to be “a fine job. Students who contributed to it will be able to show their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.”

Yashar koach to the editors and faculty adviser Mrs. Sheila Leibtag for producing this important work. Thanks also go to SKA faculty members Mrs. Rivie Blum, Mrs. Tzippy Calm, Mrs. Suzy Libin, Mrs. Shira Manne, Mrs. Arielle Parkoff, and Ms. Elissa Quinn for their assistance.


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