By Larry Gordon –

I haven’t lived in Anthony Weiner’s district for over two decades. So I’m not one of his constituents and like many of you all I know about him of late is the coverage he has received for an aspect of his sordid and perverted dalliances he has indulged in for at least the last few years. That is up until last summer, he insisted in public and as well at yesterday’s meeting.

So aside from the more relevant and pertinent issues we discussed in Thursday’s two hour session, here are some of his thoughts that he shared on the coverage of his personal life. He says first and foremost that he did not commit any crime and did not offend or hurt anyone except for his wife. He added that there was indeed a rough patch in his marriage for whatever reason which may have been the catalyst for the crazy activities online that he was a party to. He intimated that if you would examine the personal lives of any of the Mayoral candidates you might find his to have been the least objectionable.

On the matter of his wife, Hume Abedin, he says that she has fully forgiven him and that they are moving on. In a discussion prior to his arrival with some of those gathered we were discussing how a person of his supposed stature or any person gets involved in this type of deviant activity online. One of the attendees said that this only seems crazy to us, that the world has shifted in this twisted and unusual direction and what Weiner did is something that millions of people do online every day. That is, it may seem nuts to us but for others it’s the new normal.

And Weiner, though he is no kid and is already 48-years-old, he obviously got caught up in this depraved craziness that has now been played out and circulated more than any of us can take or tolerate.

So does this mean we forgive Weiner? And more importantly, does this mean that those present at the meeting advocate compartmentalizing a person or politicians activities so that we can view his or her political activities through one lens and his personal life through another? The answer is that there is serious conflict about this as very few political leaders or any person for that matter these days can effectively or appropriately measure up to that or any perceived to be perfect standard.

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