The Friendship Circle matches teen volunteers with children and young adults who have special needs and supports them in creating friendships. With a range of innovative activities and events, both at home and as a group, the Friendship Circle creates a special environment of acceptance and love, where everyone is important.

The Friendship Circle’s 7th Annual Evening of Celebration will take place on Wednesday, May 28 at the Jean Fischman Chabad Center of the Five Towns, 74 Maple Ave in Cedarhurst, at 7:00 p.m.

A parent of the Friendship Circle, a volunteer, and child will be speaking about how the Friendship Circle has affected their lives. The evening celebrates a year of growth, love, and new friendships that were made. It promises to be a momentous and inspiring event.

“This year I stand in even greater awe and admiration of our friends. This community is amazing, and I’m honored to spend time, and watch the children, volunteers, and families interact with another,” said Mrs. Batsheva Borenstein, program director of Chabad’s Friendship Circle.

Recently, the Friendship Circle received this e-mail from a family:

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for all your wonderful programs. We really enjoy the Judaica Circle (Hebrew School). It’s so professional with the newsletter that says what you did because Danny obviously doesn’t tell us what he was busy with. Although we do know he enjoyed because he goes and comes very happily. We were also very excited about the Shabbat project, with the challah tray. He plays with them at home all the time. Additionally, he has started knowing parts of the berachot! We were very emotional about that and so impressed at all he’s learning. Let’s not forget the aleph bet which we’re grateful he reviews because his school doesn’t address that at all! All in all we wanted to say a heartfelt thank-you again. With appreciation, Mrs. S.”

Congratulations to all the FC volunteers:

Miriam Alyeshmerni, Gitti Apperman, Shani Axelrod, Racheli Berman, Sara Bienenstock, Shana Birnhack, Michal Bistricer, Tova Blander, Tova Blau, Toby Bobker, Chani Boczko, Chavi Charlap, Chavi Clapman, Tamar Cohen, Golda Daphna, Raizel Deitch, Rochel Deitch, Sarah Eckstein, Alana Eisner, Michal Elkouby, Sara Rivkah Ezagui, Miriam Farkas, Adina Feder, Yael Fessel, Pnina Fiber, Shari Fischer, Chaya Sara Fishfeld, Meira Flaum, Miriam Friedman, Mikki Friedman, Tzippora Friedman, Rachel Frieling, Esther Fruchter, Mindi Gelbtuch, Isabel Glickman, Aviva Greenbaum, Atara Gruenbaum;

Malkie Hagler, Gabrielle Hawk, Mindy Herskowitz, Sigi Hertz, Dalya Hirt, Miriam Holman, Chana Gila Honickman, Ayelet Huberfeld, Leora Jacobowitz, Arielle Jacobowitz, Sara Raizel Jedwab, Ava Katz, Hadassah Kreindler, Esti Kuperman, Basia Kurtz, Rachel Kwestel, Ayelet Landau, Kayla Landau, Ricky Lebowitz, Chana Rochel Lerner, Avital Levine, Jordana Levine, Mushky Levitin, Shani Levy, Arielle Lieberman, Talia Lipsky, Milka Lowinger, Devorah Lowinger, Ahuva Mandel, Dalia Mandelbaum, Linoy Manos, Fay Marcovich, Sarah Melohn, Miriam Melohn, Racheli Mergi, Leeba Miller, Malky Moseson, Emily Neckonoff, Naomi Oratz;

Atara Paul, Leelah Paul, Alana Perl, Atara Perlysky, Lizzy Plaut, Sara Preger, Aliza Puderbeutel, Rebecca Rauch, Sara Ringel, Tzipora Roffe, Tamar Rosenfeld, Monica Rosenthal, Chana Rosenzweig, Chasya Ross, Sheva Rottenberg, Ariella Sabo, Miriam Samuels, Atara Samuels, Nechama Schwartz, Leah Shapiro, Blossom Soifer, Shira Somerstein, Melissa Spector, Leah Steinberg, Serena Steinmetz, Shenya Stern, Adina Stern, Henna Storch, Deena Sturm, Aviva Susman, Miriam Taubenfeld, Chany Tauber, Chaya Wachspress, Gitty Wein, Zahava Weiner, Shayna Wilamowsky, Miriam Wilamowsky, Aliza Wolff, Kayla Wolnerman;

Riki Zahn, Rivka Zimmermann, Ezra Alyeshmerni, Meir Avracen, Natan Bauer, Zachary Beer, Ari Brandspiegel, Russel Charnoff, Shlomo Friedman, Ikey Fruchter, Shmuel Gladstone, Sam Goldstein, Benjamin Goldstone, Avi Gross, Gedaliah Hoffman, Azi Katz, Josh Lent, Adam Mann, Daniel Maron, Michael Morales, Josh Plaut, Jacob Roffe, Daniel Rosenthal, Shlomo Ross, Moshe Ross, Ikey Rothman, Yehuda Schein, Yonatan Schultz, Brett Siegel, Jeremy Spector, Jakey Srulovich, Yair Sternman, Eric Teper, Rafi Thalheim, Akiva Thalheim, Micky Unger, Avi Vaiselberg, Avi Weiss, Dovid Zev Werner, and Eric Wietschner.

On Wednesday, May 28, the Honoring our Luminaries event will include: 7:00 p.m. salad bar and dessert reception; 7:30 p.m. program and award ceremony; 8:30 p.m. presentation by from Chava Willig Levy, a writer, editor, and lecturer who zips around in a motorized wheelchair to shatter stereotypes about people with disabilities, enabling people to view disability with pride, not prejudice.

Couvert: $50 per person; complimentary admission for volunteers.

For reservations or more information about joining the Friendship Circle as a participant, volunteer, or to sponsor a program, please contact Mrs. Batsheva Borenstein at 516-295-2478, ext. 13 or v


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