By Larry Gordon

In the end, it looks like this: If Donald Trump would have come across as a nicer person he may have really been elected in a landslide. Of course, you can effectively argue that he was, in fact, reelected in a landslide, but if he was just a nicer person it might have been an even greater landslide. Maybe if he were able to project an image of greater panache, the popular vote would have been insurmountable.

Many people involved believe the November 3rd election was marred by fraud in the key battleground states. The question on the minds of many is how much fraud there was. Was there enough fraud to reverse the final election numbers? Perhaps they are trying to say that if we could find 6.9 million fraudulent votes, Mr. Biden would still have won the popular vote by 100,000 votes. Is that what they mean when they say that the fraud was not significant enough to reverse the electoral totals?

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by three million ballots cast in her favor. For the last four years, her followers considered Mr. Trump’s presidency something between stolen and illegitimate, so all this may fall under the rule of “nothing new under the sun.”

The obvious difference between 2016 and today is that back then Republicans did not conspire to commit a national fraud the way Democrats did this year. And what distinguishes this year from past years is the wall-to-wall cover-up which has everyone involved in the fraud saying that the charges are baseless, alternating with the declaration that there is no definitive evidence of fraud. You can roll that up into one super-sized fraud, as they seem to go together.

So at this point, Mr. Trump is taking the advice directed at Joe Biden from Hillary Clinton this past summer. She said at the time that Mr. Biden should not concede the election under any circumstances. If you doubt that she was spearheading the plan that has unfolded over these last few months then you are somewhere between in denial and unrealistic. Oh yes, I forgot, there is no definitive evidence. No, wait, that’s not it, it’s this: the fraud was not large enough to reverse the electoral results. You could choose one of those or you can select “Fraud? What fraud?”

The pressure on those in Congress who want to step up next week and challenge the electoral results in some states must be intense. On the Senate side, Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding that no senators stand up, which would render the entire effort useless and irrelevant.

But it’s hard to believe that considering what took place here, no Senator will be willing to speak up. The reality is that if Trump had some real Republican support, something could be done to overcome the massive fraud that was perpetrated here. But it does not look like the support is there. The Democrats had Trump surrounded, and now, as this saga draws to a close, there does not seem to be any wiggle room to maneuver out of this, no matter how dirty this has all been.

But the most difficult part to accept in all this is how it has become abundantly clear that leading Republicans, while probably not complicit in the effort, don’t seem to mind much that Mr. Trump is being removed from the political scene. In fact, whether anyone who counts genuinely wants to do what he or she can to right this awful electoral wrong will be clarified next week when Congress meets on January 6.

As this fraud and trickery by the Democrats — with the cooperation and complicity of the media and those who control social media, the DOJ, the FBI, and the Supreme Court — becomes clear, something potentially very interesting is evolving.

And that is the role of Donald Trump in post-presidency private life. Trump may have to move out of the White House, but he’s not going to budge from center stage. The social media giants — Google, Twitter, and Facebook — are planning on blocking his messages or just plain locking his account after January 20, because they know as well as anyone else that Trump has the potential to be an influential force in whatever policies will be put forward by a weak Biden administration.

Of course, those three social media entities should certainly be reduced in size and defanged, and that will only happen if Republicans maintain control of the Senate, which polls indicate as most likely, but that is sans the cheating that Democrats have perfected.

So if Donald Trump is not president, what does he do next? Unlike past presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, he does not have to spend time enriching himself and buying homes worth tens of millions of dollars in order to be able to advise people on how fortunate they are to be receiving a $600 stimulus check.

Going forward, I believe Trump needs a daily TV news presence. At this point, it does not look like such a post will be created for him on Fox News. Of course, as some have suggested, he and investors can start their own channel — Trump TV — which would be a blockbuster. Perhaps he will be invited to join Newsmax or OAN; either would be sensational.

Imagine Mr. Trump on the air every night at 8 p.m., communicating to us about the foibles and missteps of the Biden administration while pointing out how the deep historical corruption of the family’s international involvement is influencing decisions of the new administration on all levels.

For many of us, our concerns revolve around Israel and Middle East peace, which is probably the only accomplishment by Mr. Trump that Biden’s speech writers have been unable to criticize with any effectiveness. Word on the street is that over the next three weeks additional Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, will be joining those who already signed normalization agreements with Israel. These trailblazing accomplishments, aside from improving the lives of tens of millions of people in the region, will serve to isolate the mullah in Iran, the Palestinian Authority, and the Biden administration. It may look funny on paper or on your computer screen, but that was the formula of the failed Obama policies. Is that what we are looking forward to: four more years of that? And even though I love Donald Trump, I don’t think he should be running again in 2024. The Republican Party has some outstanding personalities who can evolve into that role.

At one point in Deuteronomy, when Moshe is beseeching G-d to allow him to cross over into Israel, G-d denies him entry, telling him to stop asking. Not because He wants to admonish Moshe; rather, Hashem tells him that He has so many more and even greater things planned for Moshe.

Before you take offense, obviously Trump is no Moses, but I think there is much good that he can still accomplish in the years ahead — for Israel and, indeed, the world. 

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  1. I suggest you read Dr. Grubner’s recent piece in your own newspaper defining “evidence” and describing how it differs from “what I want to believe, based on nothing.”

    Dr. Grubner is writing in the context of COVID and masking, vaccines, etc. But the exact same principles apply to public policy and elections. It is no doubt comforting for much of the Orthodox community and other religious communities to believe in completely evidence-free “massive fraud” conspiracies, or COVID “hoax” conspiracies, and for the same reasons. Thinking on the basis of evidence can lead a person to all sorts of potentially uncomfortable conclusions that challenge their priors.

    But for the sake of the majority of Jews in this country, I really hope you try it.

  2. If maybe Donald maybe didn’t seem so dumb, then maybe, he would had more votes and maybe won the election… did I include more “maybes” to summarise your joke of an article or was that enough?

  3. Oh, Larry!

    Here I was, prepared to write another snarky comment, mocking you for your continuing refusal to accept reality, your ongoing delusion that Trump won the vote, that the lying con-man was the victim of anything but his own loud mouth and executive incompetence … But then I clicked on the link you so subtly provided in your statement on electoral fraud. And I was shocked to see that it sent me to a BBC article that resoundingly debunks the fraud claims, and acknowledges that Joe Biden won an honest and resounding victory in the 2020 presidential election. And now I don’t know what to think! Can you possibly have woken up to reality? Are you actually ready to move on into a future in which America’s democratic choice of Joe Biden as President is to be honored and accepted?

    I mean, you followed it up by suggesting that Trump go on nightly TV, not to act in a positive manner whatsoever, simply to obnoxiously crap all over anything his successor does (that he would do this was never in any doubt, the only question was which medium he’d be using) even shows that, just maybe, you’ve acknowledged that Trump has no constructive potential, that he’s simply a destructive force with no ability to actualize anything positive. But I find this hard to believe! This couldn’t be Larry Gordon, could it? Are you actually getting beyond ‘denial’ and ‘anger’ and moving into the ‘bargaining’ phase of your grieving? I assure you, many of us would find this a welcome development, and would happily see you restored to your mental health.

    But I’m just not sure that I’m not misreading you. Maybe I’m hoping too hard for your rehabilitation and, in my desire to see you come back to reality, I’m giving your words the benefit of a doubt they don’t deserve?

    Please clarify. The community wants to know!

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      • Sooooo … The opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by the owner, publisher, and editor-in-chief do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of the 5TJT editorial board? That nonsense may fool people when you’re looking to avoid responsibility for publishing Jedwab’s QAnon insanity, but it doesn’t really work for Larry’s ongoing (two months now!) war against reality.


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