By Larry Gordon

By Larry Gordon

Had Democrats and anti-Trumpers not been aiming to take down Donald Trump and to end his presidency at any cost, they may have instead been focused on targeting some of his policies.

These critics say that the economy is tanking, while in reality it is booming, and that the United States is in danger of being attacked while its military ability is better than ever. These antagonists are even debating whether the ISIS arch-terrorist al-Baghdadi was crying or giggling when our troops were about to kill him last week and instead ended his life by detonating a no doubt fashionable suicide vest, killing himself and three of his children whom he was hoping to use as human shields.

These never-Trumpers say that there is no evidence, as the president says, that al-Baghdadi was “whimpering or crying,” or in any other way begging for his life. They say that there was no way Mr. Trump could have known these details. That may be the case, but is that an issue worthy of being discussed and debated?

So focused are they on making certain that this is the end or near to the end of Mr. Trump’s presidency that they have no time for any of the Trump policies, and that is fortunate on many levels.

The Democratic candidates for the presidency have now been debating and falling over one another for close to a year with still another year to go until Election Day. The thrust of their positions is their insistence that Donald Trump is unfit to serve in the White House. They say that he asked the Ukrainian president to investigate a potential 2020 rival in Joe Biden, that he sought to withhold already approved foreign aid to that country.

One Democratic Texas congressman stated the case quite succinctly this summer when he said, “If we don’t impeach him, he is going to win in 2020.”

Just think what the topic of discussion might have been had the Democrats and the Never-Trump crowd not been spending every day undermining the Trump successes at every turn. It is plausible that had they not been determined to take out President Trump, they may have had time to pick apart his policies — and chief among them, in all likelihood, would have been his policies on Israel.

That’s the way it was during the Obama years. There were a plethora of international crises and challenges around the world, but, as you will recall, then Secretary of State John Kerry was focused on just about one thing aside from the bad deal with Iran. And that was Israel making concessions to the Palestinians so that something they could call “peace” could be culled together.

A brief review of what has transpired here over the last year and a half, virtually without any Democratic Party protest, is, compared to the way things once were, actually astounding. First there was the courageous move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Today the embassy is on a beautiful 7-acre campus that encompasses multiple buildings attached to one another by enclosed corridors and tunnels. The plan over the next few years is to expand the embassy property to 18 acres with extensive new construction that will fortify the U.S. presence in Israel’s capital city.

The move, which was federal law on the books of the U.S. for 22 years, had presidents prior to Mr. Trump fearful to make the move, instead continuously delaying it in six-month increments, as was an option written into the law.

If you watch the Trump rallies that take place around the country, then you have heard the president say time and again that world leaders contacted him to warn and beseech him not to go forward with the plan to move the embassy. Mr. Trump says that in most cases he did not take those calls but rather sent a message to those world leaders that he would get back to them in two weeks — that is, about a week after the announcement of the move was made.

Then there was the recognition of the Golan Heights as Israel’s sovereign territory after a half-century of apprehension and refusal by many — including Israeli leaders — to make that recognition official. But the big news in all this is that there was barely a whimper of protest about the move to Jerusalem, the recognition of the Golan, or the marginalizing of the Palestinians. And this has to be solely because of the Divine distraction of the Democrats and all of the administration’s critics to take down this president, leaving no time or political energy to focus on anything else.

Can you just imagine if Barack Obama was under assault from Republicans on some imaginary accusation and had no time or the presence of mind to make a deal with Iran and send them over hundreds of millions of dollars in cash so that they sign a deal that assures that they can legally manufacture nuclear weapons that will pose a threat to other countries in the region within a decade?

I think it is important that we take a step back at this juncture and try to appreciate what has been wrought here from Above. The unified Democratic Party has no time for the machinations and threats of Mahmoud Abbas or the PLO leadership in Ramallah. Trump tossed their representative and their office out of Washington, D.C. last year. No one had any time for their intimidations and bluster.

Two weeks ago we began reading the weekly Torah portion from the start — Bereishis. Broken up into “beis,” which is the number two, and “reishis,” beginning, the word “Bereishis” can represent two firsts. And our commentators say that this was the purpose of G-d’s creation of the world, the two firsts, which are (1) the Jewish people and (2) the land of Israel.

So it is not a stretch to say that the actions of Israel’s closest ally in the world — the United States — is also governed in some fashion by this same idea.

But beyond that there appears to be a pattern to the way in which Hashem has chosen to interface with the world. There is the story of the corrupt city of Sodom, its destruction, and the belief of the survivors that there were no other people in the world. That led Lot and his daughters to engage in what under any other circumstances would be considered an illicit liaison in order to populate future generations.

Later in Sefer Bereishis there is the story of Yehuda and Tamar who together produced what would eventually be the Davidic kingdom and the seed of Mashiach.

These are just two examples of how Hashem has chosen to almost sneak holiness into the world through some obscure and hidden avenue.

Call it a giant leap if you prefer, but in our generation, in this present time, we have Donald Trump, who favors and bestows kindness on Israel and Jews everywhere (as in the Rubashkin case two years ago), and those actions, which ordinarily would have attracted blistering criticism and condemnation, are hardly even commented upon. And that is because they do not care about any of his policies, the booming economy, the historic low unemployment rate, our powerful military, or our embassy in Jerusalem.

If that describes you, then just read above and come to grips with the realization that Hashem chooses methods of conveying His Divine Will that sometimes do not seem so pretty on the surface.

But you can rest assured that they are beautiful.


  1. Larry, are you sure you want to put a story about a man sleeping with his daughter in the same article in which you praise Donald Trump? People might think you’re advocating something untoward….


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