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Trump Doesn’t Need, Or Deserve, Our Money

Dear Editor,

As a frum Jew myself, I nonetheless have to take issue with Larry Gordon’s front-page editorial, “Dollars for Trump” (From the Editor, August 2).

One reason should be obvious: Trump, who always boasts how rich he is, doesn’t need our money. It would be like bringing added desserts to a king’s banquet.

It’s not obvious, though, that Trump deserves the support of the Jewish community. Yes, he’s been a strong supporter of Israel. Yes, he freed Rubashkin. But shouldn’t someone whom Jews support, particularly Torah Jews, have at least a semblance of Jewish values?

Isn’t it very anti-Torah to boast about being able to grab women’s private parts? What about publicly mocking and embarrassing a handicapped person? Or calling the press, which this newspaper is obviously a member of, “the enemy of the people,” as tyrants throughout history have described any dissent? Haven’t we experienced enough examples of how tyranny seeks to destroy Torah?

And isn’t it against Torah values to denigrate entire groups of people? Trump, from the very beginning of his campaign, has characterized Mexicans in particular and many other immigrants, legal or not, as a threat to our nation. It’s hard to view as a coincidence that the El Paso mass-shooter declared he wanted to kill as many Mexicans as he could. Trump also characterized the neo-Nazis who carried torches in Charlottesville as consisting of “some good people.” This is a Torah value?

And isn’t arrogance and egotism consistently condemned by the Torah? Trump is a walking definition of arrogance. Just one example: Long before he announced his run for president, a week or two after the September 11 terrorist destruction of the World Trade Center, he declared that his building at 40 Wall Street now would be the tallest building in New York (never mind that nearly 3,000 Americans were killed to make that happen).

I don’t think even staunch supporters of Mr. Trump, such as Mr. Gordon, could deny that Trump has spent most of his presidency insulting and denigrating large swaths of people and nations, particularly anyone who dares to disagree with him, and he has had nothing but the highest praise for himself.

No, I don’t believe Trump is a racist or a white supremacist. But I do think he has created a climate of fear and bigotry — qualities certainly discouraged by the Torah — that emboldens the people who are racists.

It seems, though, that the Tweeter-in-Chief will in fact be reelected, mainly because all the Democratic contenders are either weak or even more dangerous to the fabric of America than Trump is (I’m thinking of you, Bernie).

Actually, that’s another reason Trump does not need our money: his reelection is virtually inevitable.

David J. Glenn

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“…a significant majority of American Jews are still going to vote for his Democratic opponent in 2020 no matter who that person is.”

And that is as it should be. There has never been an American politician who more epitomizes everything the Torah opposes: cheating in business, cheating on wives, lying so often that fact-checkers can’t keep up, spouting racist and anti-Semitic memes in order to rile up racists, enriching himself and his family through public policies. Any of the Democrats would be an improvement. (And a bunch of the Democrats running are problematic themselves.) I, however, am supporting Joe Biden, a mensch and longtime supporter of Israel. I urge all Jews to support Biden.


Trump stands for everything that a Torah-centric Jew should run from. He’s a compulsive liar, a racist, spews hatred and lies. But the Frum Community should support him financially because he moved the embassy in Israel and has Jewish grandchildren? What happened to our values? What happened to standing for something?


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