By Larry Gordon

By Larry Gordon

We have met with many of the candidates and now the day of decision is just about here. One thing is clear: the philosophical divide in our country is more glaring and definitive than ever before.

Endorsing and promoting candidates is less about the personalities involved and whether we subscribe to the way they see things. Today, it is about majorities in Congress and in the State Senate.

From our vantage point, it’s vitally important that the Republicans maintain the majority in both houses of Congress. Every House of Representative seat is up for reelection, and even though it is in the best interest of this country to provide President Trump with the legislative support he needs in order to continue to pursue his agenda, the Democrats are chomping at the bit and hoping to take over in the House at least.

Kathleen Rice at FTJPAC Meeting October 14

Along that line of reasoning, we should be opposing the election of Congresswoman Kathleen Rice to a third term as the Representative from the area that includes the Five Towns. But considering her diligence and her concern about the better good of her constituents, especially during trying times, encouraging voters not to vote for her would just be plain wrong.

Her Republican opponent, Ameer Benno, is a talented and capable person who would be a great addition to the House. Unfortunately a lack of funding and the track record of Democratic success makes his election unlikely. Candidacies like this are more of an experiment to see how voters feel about the Republicans in what is considered a safe and solid Democratic district.


Keith Wofford

On other matters, it would be a big plus if voters elected Keith Wofford for attorney general over Letitia James. Wofford is a political novice, a Republican, but also a Harvard law graduate who lives and understands the nuances of the law. In our meeting last week, the candidate said that it is vital that the Attorney General’s office be held by a Republican if for no other reason than to keep the Democratic controlled government in check. Wofford makes a great and interesting impression and would be an important addition to state government.

Chele Farley at FTJPAC Meeting October 14

Then there is the matter of Chele Farley, the Republican trying to dislodge incumbent Democrat New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. New York could use an honest senator like Ms. Farley instead of Sen. Gillibrand who plays fast and loose with her political positions impacted by electoral calculus.

On the one hand, she wants to be the go to senator on U.S.-Israel policy but then the next day she is talking about advocating the boycott of Israel is a free speech issue. With almost two million Jews in her state, the idea of antagonizing us on her positions so that she can station herself in a place where she can make an attempt at a 2020 run for president is unsavory conduct none of us appreciate.

Great Neck and the surrounding area, it is important to re-elect incumbent Elaine Phillips to the State Senate. The same holds true for Queens — including Far Rockaway — where newcomer Tom Sullivan is up against the favorite Democratic incumbent Joe Addabbo.

Next week’s vote has the ability to alter the character of the country in a most dramatic way. For those of us who are consumers of news, we know what is at stake here. The need to make time to go out and vote has never been greater.

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