Former Vice President Joe Biden

Regardless of which candidate you chose on November 3, it is OK to disagree with some of their positions. That means you can vote for President Trump because you agree with some of his administration’s policies, and you can vote for former Vice President Biden because you feel that the United States needs to chart a new direction.

By Larry Gordon

It is true that some ethnic minorities are painted with a broad brush that identifies them with one political party or another. For example, Mr. Biden has made it fairly clear that African Americans essentially owe him their vote for some inexplicable reason. Back in 2016, many women voters committed to Hillary Clinton based on her gender and little else, her questionable political accomplishments notwithstanding.

Sure, there are exceptions, but it also might be that there is no ethnic or religious group in this country that is more politically divided than the Jewish community.

From the perspective of the New York Orthodox Jewish community, despite Trump’s positive policy on Israel and his closeness to the Jewish community, you may be surprised that 70% of American Jews will most likely vote for Joe Biden. It’s an oddity, and not easy to understand or explain, but some Jewish circles are suspicious of politicians or candidates who are too pro-Israel.

I don’t know about you, but I think it is misguided and, more than that, a colossal error on behalf of so many in our community. The fascinating side of this dynamic is that so many in leadership believe it is a positive thing that we are divided in such a fashion.

Come to think of it, perhaps they feel they are employing the strategy utilized by our biblical forefather Yaakov as he prepared for his confrontation with his brother and archenemy, Eisav. At that time, Yaakov made the decision to split his family into two camps so that if Eisav would violently assault one of the camps the other would survive.

Is that the thinking here? That half of us or a bit more support Democrats so that if they defeat the Republicans in November we can still claim to an extent that we supported whoever assumes authority?

Unfortunately, Democrats today can no longer be trusted. Barack Obama said for eight years that the bond between Israel and the U.S. was both “unshakable and unbreakable.” He said this as he tried every which way to undermine and delegitimize the Jewish state, and marginalize her in the international community and the United Nations.

Obama’s parting shot at the UN was Resolution 2334, which would have called the Old City of Jerusalem and the Kotel Palestinian territory. He instructed his UN ambassador to abstain on a Security Council vote, and it was only the great relationship between Bibi Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin, and Putin’s disdain for Obama, that led to a Russian veto of the resolution.

No, we do not oppose Democrats just because they are not to be trusted and are very often two-timing. Actually, there are very good and smart Democrat representatives in Congress who are good friends of Israel and the Jewish community. Two who come to mind are from out here on Long Island, members of the House of Representatives Kathleen Rice and Tom Suozzi.

They are liberal Democrats but understand the rightness and the justice of a strong Israel without the Obama–Biden inclination to coddle leaders in the terror-laden Muslim Brotherhood or make the strengthening of Iran a high foreign policy priority.

To her credit, Kathleen Rice took a brave stand, opposing Nancy Pelosi as speaker, and paid a dear price for taking that position. She knew then that Pelosi was going to be an extreme disappointment. Rice was right about that; Pelosi is indeed a disaster.

So we don’t oppose and criticize Democrats just because of their party affiliation. There are many things on which I do not agree with Rice and Suozzi. Take the matter of impeachment of the president. They both voted to impeach the president. I can say this: they are both smart enough to realize that they had no choice and that in retrospect it was a mistake. In all likelihood, their constituents were against impeachment, but, in that instance, they were not representing the people.

The Democratic Party is enduring a metamorphosis, and it is best that, for the time being, we stand clear of anything they have to offer.

Last week, an opinion column in The Jewish Press suggested that for many decades the Agudath Israel of America supported Democrats, saying that the catalyst was increased generosity in the area of social service funding.

Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Homnick wrote that dating back four decades, Agudath Israel leader Rabbi Moshe Sherer assured President Jimmy Carter that he would deliver the support of the Orthodox Jewish community. Four years later the writer says, Rabbi Sherer assured President Ronald Reagan’s opponent, Senator Walter Mondale, of the same thing.

The Homnick story says that while campaigning in Brooklyn, Mondale observed Orthodox Jews wearing Reagan campaign buttons on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. According to the writer, Rabbi Sherer explained that those Jews were supporters of a fringe rabbi in the community. Frankly, the story sounds absurd.

Last week, Agudath Israel leader Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel issued a release refuting the piece, which he said was an inaccurate depiction of important Jewish community history. Most of those who were involved in those events are not here anymore to confirm or deny what took place.

At the other end of the communal spectrum, an organization like AIPAC (America-Israel Public Affairs Committee) works fastidiously not to repudiate or reject Democrats regardless of their support of policies that are counter to Jewish community interests.

In this groundbreaking and innovative pro-Israel Trump administration and in the midst of a not-so-pretty battle that is getting increasingly uglier every day, the overall Jewish community should ideally be able to present a unified political stance. Let’s be realistic — that is just not possible, and that might be true of any ethnic or religious community. That said, we should be able to provide something in the area of 50% communal support for President Trump.

It’s disturbing, but let’s not forget that 78% of American Jews voted for Barack Obama for his second term. While our diversity is a beautiful thing sometimes, right now, taking everything into consideration, it’s not that attractive. I’m thinking that it might even be borderline crazy.

Fox News For Biden?

Something is not right at Fox News. The network features great advocates of President Trump like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham, but that notwithstanding, I don’t think the management at Fox is for the Trump reelection. Something is up.

The coverage of the Republic National Convention by Fox featured commentators who are notoriously anti-Trump. If that was what we wanted to see and the people we wanted to hear from, we could have tuned in to the leftists who control CNN.

The mainstream media has perfected the craft of distorting the news, and lately it looks like Fox News is being complicit in that effort to an extent.

It is intellectually dishonest in the extreme to say that, under the Trump administration, violence is out of control, crime is up, unemployment is up, and more Americans are dying. The tragic deaths and the unemployment rate are due to the pandemic, not Trump policies. The out-of-control crime and violence belong to Democrat leaders like Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo who, until a few days ago, believed that was an effective way to defeat President Trump.

It is being asserted that if Joe Biden is elected on November 3, COVID-19 cases will immediately come to a halt. That is the impression being created by the media, and Fox News people are just nodding their heads in agreement with few, or very weak, objections.

Why wasn’t Hannity or Carlson featured as a commentator at the convention? Instead we had to listen to wishy-washy newsman and notorious anti-Trumper Chris Wallace try to walk a middle road while being most comfortable being critical of the president.

Fox News personalities are giving a pass to guests and other personalities using the Democratic talking points that place the responsibility for what is ailing the country today at the president’s feet.

Is it possible that those in the Fox News management feel they have squeezed all they can out of the never-ending Donald Trump story and believe that “The Joe Biden as President Show” might be something even more entertaining?

I know that’s cynical, but I am a connoisseur of Fox News programming and personalities and there is something go on. I hope I’m wrong.

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  1. I am an American citizen of Jewish Russian heritage and a big president Trump supporter. I agree with your story 99%. The only problem that I like to verify the facts of the stories I read – the UN resolution 2334 (introduced by Egypt) was adopted on December 23, 2016 by a vote of 14 for it, none against it. Four members with United Nations Security Council veto power, China, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom, voted for the resolution, but the United States abstained. Russia never vetoed this resolution! Please take time to verify the facts of t your stories!

  2. I find it weird that you started the article by saying that it is OK to disagree with some of each of the candidates positions and then go on to rant against Democrats in general. If you really wanted to write an article in favor of Trump you should have instead used your words to elaborate on specific example on why Trump’s policies are better than Biden’s.

    You then went on to criticize the vast majority of Jews in America. That goes against Torah values and discourages unity amongst Jewish community.

    You also don’t understand that Fox News isn’t supposed to be some sort of Trump propaganda network. It is intended to convey the news properly by elaborating on the arguments of both sides of the political spectrum which is exactly what you accused it of doing.


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