From the Editor in Depth With Andy Lauber of Chai Lifeline


Andy Lauber oversees Chai Lifeline’s i-Shine program, which is particularly well received in the Five Towns.

When a child must deal with serious illness or loss in the family and parents can’t focus on everyone’s needs at the same time, i-Shine provides mentoring, homework help and fun in a supervised, relaxed environment.

Chai Lifeline’s Global Gala on December 8, 2020, features magician David Blaine and Fauda star Lior Raz, and will honor Natalie and Danny Hiller; Rabbi Yechiel and Shulamis Kalish; Janine and Max Klein; Ellen Weiss; and Sarette and Bryan McIntosh.

Larry’s daughter, Malkie Hirsch, is being honored for her honest portrayal of young widowhood and will be establishing the Greater New York School Crisis Intervention Initiative in memory of Moshe Hirsch z”l . 


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