By Larry Gordon

They are the originators of fake news, long before it was known by its current moniker. And today, though it has been exposed as such, that has not stopped the Palestinian representatives in and around Israel from offering up these types of sensational stories that have no grounding in fact.

The one thing, though, that provides credence to many of their outlandish claims is the nonchalant acceptance that is extended to them by so much of the media, both mainstream and otherwise.

A typical example of this type of fraudulent journalistic indulgence is a story that appeared in last weekend’s New York Times, perhaps the greatest source of encouragement to those seeking to deceive the international community while providing aid and comfort to Israel’s enemies.

This practice takes place with such regularity to the point that it rarely draws any attention or raises any eyebrows about the fast and loose fashion in which news from that area is reported.

The story I am referencing reported that on Friday, during Arab protests and attempts to breach the border between Gaza and Israel, a total of seven Palestinians were killed by IDF fire. Times Israel reporter Isabel Kershner reported on the Palestinian deaths — those who crossed the border and were headed in the direction of an IDF sniper’s post. The next line in the story says, “There were no injuries on the Israeli side.”

On the surface, that would be an innocuous and even meaningless line in a story set on simply reporting the news of a certain occurrence or event. The way in which the Times and other consistently-critical-of-Israel news outlets report the news means that a line like that is supercharged and much more than a simple statement of fact.

The question begs to be asked: What is the point of reporting that no Israelis were killed in the Arab assault on the post at the Israel side of the border? Why is the fact that no one was killed on the Israel side worthy of being reported? If no one was killed, why would Ms. Kershner or the Times editors feel that this was worthy of being reported?

The sad fact is that it is not just some quick throwaway line in a news story. It is instead intended to be chock-full of meaning. The objective here is to communicate the idea that this is one big unbalanced and unfair fight, with Israel having the dominant edge in this unending dispute. Kershner is saying, in effect, “Look how unfair this battle is — the Israelis kill seven attacking terrorists and have the chutzpah not to lose even one man in the fight. Now is that a fair fight?”

It is almost as if the Times is begging Israel to subject some of their military personnel to get hurt or even killed, G-d forbid, so as to portray an evenhandedness of sorts here.

And there are other problems with the way in which this story was reported. Here is the first problematic paragraph of the story: “JERUSALEM—Seven Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on Friday during stormy protests along the fence dividing Israel and Hamas-run Gaza, according to Gaza health officials.”

The problem with this part of the story is the last few words, “according to Gaza health officials.” Firstly, Gaza is such an organizational and bureaucratic mess that no one is even certain that so-called health officials exist. At the same time, those who represent the terror group Hamas, which has commandeered Gaza, are notorious about fabricating numbers, particularly when it comes to reporting the outcome or consequences of repeated clashes with the Israel military.

In other words, the Hamas people, in a fashion not uncharacteristic to terrorists, just pile on the lies. And of course, the fake news bastion that the Times has become over the years soaks this stuff up like a sponge absorbs water.

In fact, the Palestinian information dispensers may have been the creators of fake news along with their more violent cohorts dating back a half-century, as those who introduced terrorism into our society and the routine vernacular.

So when Gaza health officials say that seven people died in clashes at the border last Friday with Israel that does not mean that seven people actually died. It very well could have been one or two, and there is even a chance that none died.

In any event, regardless of what actually took place, there was an effort to cross the border with the intent to murder Israeli soldiers and, if possible, Israeli civilians in the communities located near the border. So while Israel was defending itself from organized terrorists, Isabel Kershner whines about the fact that it was not really an equitable battle because no Jews died.

Later on in the same story, the writer says that since these border clashes have begun, the same Gaza health officials say that 200 Palestinians have been killed. And she adds that one Israeli soldier has been killed at the border by a sniper in Gaza.

For us, that caveat says two things. First, once again, it is intended to lay the blame for the United Nation’s invention of the concept of “disproportionate force” at the feet of the state of Israel. Reading the story over again, I could not help but focus on the statement that so far one Israeli soldier has lost his life.

The impression left brings home the value and preciousness of that one Jewish life. Now, the Palestinian lives are indeed just as valuable — but not to the leadership in Gaza. As Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh once said during the 2014 war, “We love death the way you love life.” Clearly, there is something very wrong here, but that does not interest the mainstream media.

And then finally, there was the comment by an Arab photographer, Fadi Thabet, who said he witnessed the entire clash, which may or may not be accurate. He is quoted in the Times article as saying that “a group came within 30 to 50 yards of an Israeli sniper post but three were killed as they retreated running back toward the fence. A fourth was shot at close range, “execution style,” as he tried to hide behind a cement wall about twenty yards from the sniper post.”

You will notice that if Israeli forces are poised to defend their border and protect innocent civilians it must be unquestionably at a “sniper post,” no questions asked.

Additional imagery tells us that the poor innocent terrorists were running back to the border when they were shot, most likely in their backs. It remains unreported whether as they purportedly ran back to the border they dropped the guns, knives, and explosives they were carrying.

The above is reportage by the modern purveyors of fake news as they depict a tale of the originators of what it means to fool the world into believing you are history’s victims. They are not victims at all but rather perpetrators of persistent terror with the aid and support of a media focused on denigrating the state of Israel any way they can.


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