By Larry Gordon


For some technical reason, I could not access Fox News online on Monday morning. I attempted to sign on a few times but to no avail. So I tried and that quickly connected. When I write, I like to have the news buzzing around me, so on Monday, CNN it was.

President Trump refers to CNN as the manufacturers and purveyors of “fake news,” and for about a half-hour this past Monday — largely because of my limited choices — I had a front-row seat to observe the extreme disdain everyone on that network has for Mr. Trump.

It seems that even the so-called expert guests they choose to interview have some kind of anti-Trump ax to grind. Actually, if CNN is your source for news, you are definitely going to have a different view of the world than if your source is Fox.

Not that Fox is objective; they certainly tilt most of their news coverage in the opposite direction than that of CNN. But Fox shares more of a positive outlook for the world, our country, and the state of Israel, while over at CNN even the looks on the faces of the anchors communicate a message of doom and gloom.

To be clear, President Trump is the type of character this country has never had at the helm, at least not with the constant light of the media beamed in his face every moment of the day — and, if they could, during the night, too.

Here’s an assessment based on my casual observation of the media wars currently being fought on the battlefield of the Trump presidency. Trump wants the country to be more successful, independent, and what he calls “winning.” The left and the Democrats, as a matter of philosophy and perhaps even personal beliefs (though I doubt that is the case with most), want the opposite of that.

Therein lies the great schism that we are watching widen. Democrats, with the aid and support of CNN, want the country and its more than 300 million citizens to fail, to be more dependent on government, and to lose without their help and financial assistance.

This, too, is where our relationship with Israel comes into the picture. Israel, as we all know, is a remarkable success against all odds. The media that gets attention by castigating the president and his attachment to Israel cannot get enough of steering viewers in the direction of some vast Jewish conspiracy that has the United States and Israel steamrolling over the rest of the world, with the endgame being Israel maintaining its security and territorial integrity.

This week, the United States commenced the Bahrain Conference where the economic component to the “Deal of the Century” will be unveiled —  and will hopefully end the conflict between Israel, the Palestinians, and other Arab nations that has festered for decades.

The goal is peace and prosperity. The theory is that prosperity creates an environment where peace can flourish, and peace can very well lead to great prosperity for all involved. After all isn’t that the goal of life? To live and enjoy the great gift that is life and to serve your G-d, Whoever He is in your mind, and however you wish to worship?

The idea of “two states for two people” will go down in history as a pithy mantra but not much of a workable plan to bring peace. What the business minds that populate the Trump administration have brought with them is the reality of economics and prosperity and the direct impact that money can have on the ability to accomplish peace.

Our friend Rabbi Marc Schneier, founding rabbi of The Hampton Synagogue, the man who has been a catalyst in fostering good relations between Muslims and Jews and between Israel and the Gulf States, was at the economic conference in Bahrain this week. He spoke with us after day one to fill us in on its progress. The news going into the meetings was that the Palestinians would refuse to attend and that Israeli officials were not invited to participate by U.S. officials.

Palestinian leadership said they would not cooperate with any plan that does not include their maximum demand of two states with Jerusalem as their capital. Israel was not there, in part because the organizers do not want to upset the balance. But Rabbi Schneier said there are Israeli business leaders and even members of the Israeli press at the conference.

The plan introduced in Bahrain this week calls for raising $50 billion for the Palestinian people and creating one million jobs over the next decade.

Rabbi Schneier provided us with some interesting insight into Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s meetings. Finance ministers from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates were present alongside Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt representing the United States.

If you don’t think that terrorist-supported events over the last half-century were about money, all you have to do is peek inside the relationship between Qatar and Hamas and see how millions of dollars carted into Gaza with Israel’s cooperation keeps the terror merchants under their control.

“The Palestinians can be victims of circumstances or victors of circumstances; the choice is theirs,” said Rabbi Schneier. “The real challenge that will have to be dealt with at some point is the effort to reach the Palestinian people rather than having the corrupt leadership siphon off most of the money while leaving the people to live in poverty.”

To sum up: there is an economic transformation taking place in the Middle East. The Gulf States want to buy Israel’s technological innovations and also want and need to curry favor with the United States and the Trump administration. The United States is encouraging relations that will lead to a slowly evolving establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the Arab states.

The Gulf States want to see the creation of a Palestinian state in some fashion. This will most likely mean some kind of state in confederation with Jordan. The Jordanians are not necessarily in favor of that plan, but ten or twenty billion dollars could convince them to look at the idea differently. As far as current Palestinian leadership is concerned, they just need to be retired.

Regarding media coverage of these events, it looks like CNN needs a crisis or even a war in the Middle East; it makes for good optics and ratings. Fox News is for the Trump ideas of a future and the use of big business, building, and jobs for the people. As the president says: if his ideas come to fruition, we are going to get tired of winning.


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