By Larry Gordon –

Here in this part of New York anyway, the behind the scenes maneuvering of the so called “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace” lobby known as J Street has something between very little and absolutely no impact. But that is not the way it is out there in Washington, DC or, for that matter in many Jewish communities around the United States.

J Street, founded by public relations executive Jeremy Ben Ami was founded in 2008 in what from here looks like close coordination with the advent of the Obama presidency and the president’s design to fundamentally transform this country and at the same time US relations and relationships with the world. A cornerstone of that dream which for the most part has been a miserable failure was the creation of a Palestinian state. Realists in Israel and on the ground here in the US can well understand that Israel more than anyone wants real peace with her neighbors. The reality, however, is that to this very day there is really no one reliable to create that peace with.

And that’s where J Street planned on coming into the picture. Their hope was and perhaps still very much is to whitewash the hostility and devious objectives of not just Israel’s critics but also her avowed enemies within the decision making ranks of the Palestinian Authority.

And it is more than that as brilliantly and eloquently explained in a new film being debuted this week, “The J Street Challenge: The Seductive Allure of Peace In Our Times.” The good news is that the film clearly depicts an intoxicated duplicitousness that may even unintentionally exist amongst J Street supporters, but most importantly identifies their approach for what it is—a potential recipe for national suicide for Israel.

Since its founding in 2008 J Street has been pounding away side by side with the Obama administration trying to coax and maneuver Israel into dangerous concessions just so they can take credit for advancing or creating a peace that still seems to be somewhere between improbable and impossible.

From viewing an advance copy of the hour long film it becomes clear that the agenda of J Street is peace regardless of the cost or consequences. Sure, the type of peace being talked about today might make Israeli citizens vulnerable to greater and more frequent missile attacks but the message is that we will deal with that eventuality if and when it occurs. For now the exclusive focus is for Israel to do whatever it is that needs to be done so that everyone involved can say that peace has arrived. More in this week’s 5TJT.


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