By Larry Gordon

It seemed that after the election it would have been smooth sailing, at least for a while for President Barrack Obama.  But in the aftermath of his significant victory and the at least partial affirmation that most of the country shares his outlook on many issues, no one could have antic pated what was coming next.

And for my part anyway, I cannot resist looking at this from a Middle East peace perspective and this continual delusional idea that there is some kind of parity and good faith on both sides of the Israel-Arab equation.    So it is important to note that despite the myriad problems and situations that the president’s administration would have needed to tackle here at home as well as abroad, like so many President’s before him he cannot help but direct his radar lock on Israel and the prospects for an uneven and lopsided peace.  That is, he’s looking for some kind of positive accomplishment somewhere.  And frequently that’s’ where Israel comes into the picture.

Just looking at Mr. Obama’s face as he spoke at a news conference a few days ago communicates the message and exuded the impression that he is mired in an increasingly difficult situation.  No, they are not the equivalent of the ten Makos that the ancient Pharaoh had to deal with in Egypt over 3,000 years ago, but they are beginning to look awfully similar.

Now, do not misunderstand, I believe that although hesitant and possibly even reluctant, President Obama has done right and good by Israel.  What the circumstances are behind that which motivates him in this area may be less about idealism or a pro-Israel stance than it is about political pragmatism.  On that count we have become somewhat accustom to viewing results in isolation and on its own merit without too deeply investigating why someone like the President is doing what he has done and is doing for Israel.

Still there is more courage and fortitude needed if forward progress is ever to be made in the region.

As we can see from Secretary Kerry’s almost every few week visit to the region, the President is anxious to get something right and historically that means pressing Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians.  We know that this old formula does not and has never worked, but that does not mean that we cannot try one more time. More in this weeks 5TJT


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