CarolineGlickBy Larry Gordon –

Caroline Glick, the Jerusalem Post columnist is a clear thinker and refreshing breath of air in a polluted as well as convoluted diplomatic push to force concessions on Israel in what the world calls the cause of peace. Ms. Glick, in New York this week to promote her new book, “The Israeli Solution”, told students at Ramaz High School on Monday, that the two state scenario is simply unworkable for the simple reason that it is based on lies and falsehoods.
The narrative of two states for two peoples—one Jewish and the other Palestinian is something that much of the world—including many Israeli’s—have bought into so as to finally deal with and hopefully dispose of the problem. The lack of a so-called homeland for the Palestinian people was thought and still is thought by many to be the central issue that troubles the Moslem world. The old thinking has mostly been disproved after more than twenty years of an Israeli offer on the table to establish a Palestinian state, the rejection of the offer by Palestinian leadership and the continued violence that is directed at Israel by Palestinian officials with support of regimes in Iran, Lebanon in the form of Hezzbolah and the Gaza Strip.
In her book Caroline Glick grabs the truth and reality of the situation as it stands today regardless of its consistent denial in the White House, in Europe and even the Knesset. “The idea of two states is just unworkable,” Glick told her audience. She added that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s adamant insistence that the Palestinian’s recognize Israel as the Jewish state is a deal breaker on which there is no route of negotiations or diplomatic nuance that will allow that demand to be circumvented.
“This is not about fairness or justice for the Palestinian people,” she said, “It is about one thing and one thing only—the rejection of Israel.” Ms. Glick’s proposal eloquently and sensibly outlined in her book is for Israel to finally apply Israeli law to Judea and Samaria just as they did to East Jerusalem in 1967 and then to the Golan Heights when Menachem Begin was Prime Minister.
She explains that the precedent for a minority population living in a free and true democratic society is extensive. In fact she points out that polls have indicated that Arabs currently living in Israel have said that they prefer Israel rule to Arab rule and would move out of their homes in areas proposed to be take over in any deal with the Palestinian Authority.
As far as the much talked about demographic issues where eventually the Arab population becomes a majority in Israel, Caroline Glick says straight away that those assumptions are based on lies and distortions. She says that firstly, the Palestinian population numbers have been exaggerated by more than 1 million but accepted as being factual. And while conventional wisdom says that the Arab birthrate in the territories is high and Jewish birthrate is low, the opposite is actually the truth. More in this week’s 5TJT.


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