By Larry Gordon

The 2019 Election Day will take place on Tuesday, November 5. This is what is commonly referred to as an off-year election, which to many means that it is not an important one as far as elections go.

But in Nassau County that is hardly the case. In this upcoming election, the very heart and soul of Nassau County is at stake. For now, Republicans in Nassau County have an edge in both the legislature and the Town of Hempstead council but both of those majorities are in danger of being lost on Election Day.

The reality is that there is simply no replacement for making it your business to take a few moments from your busy schedule to vote. A further reality is that some of the most important races can be won or lost here in the Five Towns where traditionally there is a very low turnout in off-year elections.

But this year is indeed different, and early voting, which is common in many states, has finally come to New York. Early voting begins this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m. and then every day until the day before Election Day until 7 p.m. On Friday, November 1, early voting begins at 6 a.m.

There are very good friends of the Five Towns Jewish community running for reelection, chief among them Town of Hempstead Councilman Bruce Blakeman.

Councilman Bruce Blakeman

Blakeman has been way ahead of the curve on numerous issues that are a priority in our communities. The radical left agenda that Blakeman is leading the charge against is indeed staggering, even shocking. Those issues include New York State involvement in our yeshivas, increasing taxes, free college tuition for those residing here illegally, and mandatory release from prison of criminals convicted of serious crimes.

Donald Clavin has a long history behind the scenes as Receiver of Taxes in Town of Hempstead since 2001. When County Executive Laura Curran introduced what he describes as an “error-riddled and unfair property tax reassessment process,” he hosted taxpayer forums to educate the public about the details and how to lower their taxes.

Donald Clavin

With a long, proud history of serving the Town of Hempstead, Clavin is now challenging incumbent Supervisor Laura Gillen. Clavin’s vision includes environmentally responsible and sustainable growth; intergovernmental cooperation; streamlining of operations; a major infrastructure upgrade initiative, focusing on major roadway repaving projects and parks overhaul; encouragement of ‘next generation’ homes development; enhancing services for persons with special needs; improving online town services; and collaborative initiatives with local universities and colleges, focused on retaining young workers in our township.

This year, complacency can no longer be an excuse for not voting in the 2019 election. There is a great deal at stake. The New York State Senate was lost last year to liberal Democrats due in part to the fact that our community just did not bother voting. Let’s not make the same mistake this year.


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