Former Vice President Joe Biden (left) and President Donald Trump at their first debate.

It is either going to be close, as most of the possibly hyped-up polls are showing, or President Trump is going to score a significant and resounding victory on November 3. Either way, the country needs a Trump victory more than anything we ever needed before.

And the greatest miracle here, with a bit more than ten days to the election, is that the sentiment in the overall Jewish community seems to be shifting. The Orthodox Jewish community is heavily voting for President Trump, and that is particularly true here in New York, as the community is being exploited and abused by the very Democrats we elected to office.

An American Jewish Committee poll released earlier this week said that in the overall Jewish community, 75% plan to vote for Joe Biden and just 22% for President Trump. That’s either not true or just plain disappointing.

If the Democratic candidate were the old Joe Biden, we all could have dealt with that, but the Joe Biden we are seeing (or not seeing) every day is way beyond his prime, politically weak, and vulnerable to caving in to the extreme left and possibly not even realizing it.

Here in New York, the community that thought it had a good and solid relationship with Governor Andrew Cuomo found out that the opposite is true. He’s still the governor, and our community leaders need to have open communication with him, but you can rest assured that this episode will not soon be forgotten.

Cuomo was a good and popular governor so long as the most difficult task he had to deal with was passing a state budget each year. The onset of the pandemic required real leadership, and he unfortunately failed terribly and to the extreme on that count. At a campaign rally in Arizona on Monday afternoon, President Trump said, “Governor Cuomo killed over 11,000 people in New York.”

Those are harsh words. Andrew Cuomo did not personally kill anyone. He was responsible to a great extent, however, for many of those deaths, and that is a tragedy. It was a costly miscalculation. President Trump ordered the conversion of the Javits Center into a 2,900-bed hospital and sent a military floating hospital with 1,000 beds to dock in Manhattan. The governor refused to send patients to those hospital beds primarily because he would have to thank Mr. Trump for helping New York. Instead, he sent infected patients in hospitals back to their nursing homes where they and many others died.

The Cuomo bungling transcended the nursing home fiasco. At one point at his daily news conferences, Cuomo said that New York would desperately need 40,000 respirators. The state did what they had to do with 8,000 respirators before doctors learned that intubating patients did more harm than good except in extreme cases.

But that is about Cuomo and New York. This is about Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and the Jewish vote in the upcoming election.

Earlier this week, I received an e-mail from an acquaintance here in the Five Towns community inquiring about submitting an essay to be published here. He said the title of his as-yet-unwritten piece would be “The Orthodox Jewish Case For Joe Biden.” I told him that I had no objection, but that I would have to read the piece before I committed.

While he was deliberating on whether to write it or not, I asked him to explain his thought process to me. I thought that considering the people who surround Biden and who will be advising him, voting for Trump did not take a great deal of deliberation.

The young man said it would be easier to explain his position to me in a phone call rather than continue to communicate by e-mail and texts. We spoke later that day, and all he could talk about was how potentially dangerous a Trump second term might be for the Jewish community. I listened to him for two minutes and then said, “Hold on a second. You’re not for Biden at all; you’re just against Trump.”

He emitted a nervous laugh and disagreed with me but still did not offer an explanation about why a Biden presidency would be better. Again, it was just about Trump who, in his estimation, is a “dangerous narcissist.” I asked him how he knew that, and he suggested that I speak to a psychoanalyst who has experience dealing with narcissism.

I’ve known this young man a long time and we even see one another from time to time at social events (well, in days gone by). I asked if he was suggesting that before any of us decide who to vote for we should consult a mental-health worker for an analysis of the candidate we want to support.

We said we would continue the conversation at a later date. A few hours later, he texted me that he had second thoughts about writing the essay on voting in the Jewish community and would not be doing it. He said he did not believe that people, especially here in the Five Towns, would understand.

Last year, after the president recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the year after he moved the American embassy to Jerusalem, he commented that anyone in the Jewish community who did not support him was “disloyal.”

All that said was that the president did not understand the diversity and range of attitudes on issues in our Jewish communities. Another recent poll showed that as far as American Jews are concerned, only 5% of respondents said that U.S. policy on Israel was a priority for them. And at the same time, it is important to note that almost 50% of the American Jewish population has never been to Israel.

The view on these matters from the New York area is much different than it is in Jewish communities around the country. Jews represent a few million votes out of more than 150 million that are expected to be cast this year. And despite our relatively small numbers, our presence in key states like Florida and Ohio can actually determine who will be the next president.

You know that the 5TJT wholeheartedly supports the reelection of President Trump. It is imperative for the good of the United States and the U.S.–Israel relationship. If that is not a priority for you, that does not make you disloyal, just misguided. I understand if you do not like his style, but this is about substance, not whether or not Donald Trump can be your friend.

It’s a fateful election, and we all have an important decision to make by November 3. 

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  1. Prof Asher J. Matathias, Woodmere, NY
    B”H We need another Trump like the proverbial hole in the head; perhaps, the seriously fellow amora, with Trump, Larry Gordon of the perennially embarrassing to Jews 5T (non)Jewish Times, for they represent the unattractive, mean-spirited segment of American society that discerning Jews always reject with convincing majorities! And, so they will do again on November 3, except that more than 55m couldn’t wait, casting an early in-person ballot, or, as I did, mailed my choice for Biden to become our 46th President on September 25! (My wife, Anna, upon her return from an extended visit to her Mom in Greece, will similarly walk to the polling place at the Lawrence Country Club to vote on October 30.) There was a time we were both registered Republicans; indeed, I was the first Greek-American-Jewish candidate for the NYS Assembly (36AD), running in 1974 with also the Liberal Party’s endorsement —- as did the great US Senator Jacob K. Javits, z”l, who enthusiastically supported me! In time, we became estranged from the Party of Lincoln-TR-Ike, usually voting the Democratic ticket on a third Party line (to assuage lingering guilt), until Anna decided to bolt and register Democratic —- the better to participate in the usual intra-Party primaries. As for me, I cling to the notion that it’s the extreme right-wingers, even racists who make today’s Republicans Trumpists who are the real Rino’s (Republicans in name only)! Thus, I have joined the Lincoln Project, a coalition of sane and decent Republicans, to defeat Trump and his cultists across the board. Then, the day after the election, we can begin to reform and make the Republicans the Grand Old Party again! Such nuanced, thoughtful analysis in not in the tool box of the narrow, and closed-minded, of which Gordon’s 5TJT is a sorry instance of journalistic malpractice —- intentionally leaving deaths of Jews unreported in his pursuit of a divisive “business model” —- but that’s another matter in the indictment of professional malfeasance. Today, the issue is properly the rejection of Trump on the substantial charges of: unfitness (lacking character education, temperament, experience); cruelty (pursuing an un-American policy of sepation of children from their parents, in their desperation to seek safe haven in land of the free, and the home of the brave); incompetence (perpetrating an unspeakable fraud on the American people, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, through denial, directly causing the unnecessary early death of 225k, so far). Assembling a team of grifters in his Administration, acting unlawfully, and in violation of Constitutional norms to checks and balances bringing hundreds of scandalous indictments for adjudication (in eight years of the illustrious Obama Administration no charge was ever brought against any official)! Trump has assaulted our institutions of a free press, curtailed speech, sought to corrupt the rule of law and justice; curried favor with white supremacists, and hobnobbed with foreign dictators to the detriment of our long-standing allies, posing a clear and present danger to our national security! The reflective mirror indicates that the long-serving Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu has similarly become a severe liability to our beloved Zion: he’s also challenged with a trifecta of indictments for corruption, abuse of power, and stein-arm tactics to silence or make the press pliable! The toxic symbiotic relationship of Trump-Bibi must end, along their rampant nepotism, and it first begins with the political demise of the former, the benefit of clean government eventually reverberating to the latter. The incoming Biden-Harris Administration promises much, and will deliver even more, as our former Vice President will gain a mandate from the anticipated political tsunami. Millions will immediately breathe easier in having their health insurance restored and expanded; a fairer tax assignment will return confidence in an equitable burden distribution; assume abandoned or abdicated American leadership in the World Health Organization, a restructured Iran nuclear deal, rejoining the Paris climate accord, reassuring our NATO partners of our steadfastness. Further, warn Russia, China, Erdogan, and Iran that their meddling in the Middle East must cease, and that the Kurdish minority will be again defended their trust in America eventually returned! Together, that will make our Jewish homeland more secure; eventually, even revisiting the two-State solution for the Palestinians facing us since November 29, 1947! But apart from the wonderful program that Biden has in store for the revival of America, it’s the lifting of the Trump miasma that we’ve been living for four years that will immediately resonate. A new birth of freedom beckons, and the better deal, a future of hope is truly for us to courageously seek and enjoy. The choice is clear, elect the Biden-Harris team on November 3. And, I dare Larry Gordon to have his conscience to tweak the necessity and desirability to publish this op-Ed piece! Shavua tov. With fraternal affection, Asher, Also of the United States of Anxiety, Acute, now more than ever, due to the shenanigans of Gordon’s 5TJT, and not only! 🙏😢😩🤣🇺🇸
    *100% correct! G.F., Teaneck, NJ
    **THANK YOU. A.M., Atlantic Beach, NY

  2. Oy, Larry. “the country needs a Trump victory more than anything we ever needed before.” Really? This is the single greatest need in the nation’s history? More than we needed independence from King George’s England? More than we needed to bring our early leaders together to write a Constitution that enshrined our nation’s laws and ideals? More than we needed to restore our fractured union and end slavery? More than we needed to bring our nation together and ensure prosperity through building our transcontinental railroad? More than we needed to enter World War 1? More than we needed to aid the millions of American citizens impoverished and starving during the Great Depression? More than we needed to avenge Pearl Harbor, enter World War 2, and open our borders to all the Jewish refugees from Europe? More than we needed to be the first nation to recognize the state of Israel? More than we needed to enter the post-war boom of prosperity? More than we needed to pass civil rights legislation to attempt to resolve festering societal inequities? More than we needed to lead the post-war world order towards a greater peace and justice-oriented society around the world? More than we needed to survive decades of cold war, at a time when planet-ending nuclear holocaust seemed just around the corner?

    THIS is the greatest need America has ever faced? A second term of a Trump presidency?

    The funny thing is, you wrote this in the same issue that you accused another writer of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”… I think you might be suffering a Delusional syndrome of your own. Maybe look in the mirror every now and then.

  3. Clearly what was meant is it is the most important thing the country needs at present is a Trump victory. I should have clarified that.

    as for Asher’s diatribe—just plain absurd as usual.

  4. Your words, Larry: “more than anything we ever needed before.” I don’t think anyone read it and thought, “we needed a Trump electoral victory at Antietam.” You’re clearly saying that, in your opinion, our present day need for a Trump victory next week is the most important need ever needed in American history.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    And your ongoing Trump Delusional Syndrome.


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