By Larry Gordon –

That is the question that was asked most of these last few days as reports filtered out of Washington and Geneva that an agreement was close to being reached that would decrease sanctions on Iran. Those who have heard Senator Chuck Schumer—a product of the New York Jewish community and a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people—speak at functions have heard he eloquently express the idea that his name more than anything else says and poignantly describes who he really is.

And that is that he is as his name describes him, a “Shomer”, that is according to his explanation—a guardian of Israel. So why wasn’t Chuck Schumer outspoken last week standing up there and telling President Obama directly that this is the absolute wrong time to decrease or even freeze sanctions in place. As Iran feels squeezed and pressured to come to the negotiating table, now—it would have been nice to hear the protector of Israel say—is the time to increase sanctions on Iran.

Leading Senators like Foreign Relations Committee head, Bob Menendez (D-NJ) had no problem advocating for increased sanctions on ABC News on Sunday. But Senator Schumer was nowhere to be found apparently fearful of applying too much stress to the President who is now more than ever desperate for any kind of diplomatic or political victory that detracts from his serious problem here at home.

This is why Chuck Schumer was elected. Why hasn’t he spoken up and spoken out in Israel’s defense? Let’s not even discuss at this point the fashion in which at Mr. Obama’s apparent behest, Secretary of State John Kerry is urging or shall we say threatening Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu about capitulating to the unworkable and ridiculous Arab demands for so-called peace with Israel.

Let’s stick with Iran for now. Supporting Barrack Obama and his illogical and unthinking positions that weaken America and our allies is not a place where a man like Chuck Schumer should be standing. Schumer should have spoken out vociferously against lessening sanction but instead he remained silent thereby expressing support for the President.

But don’t think this is just about Israel or the way in which the American Jewish community supports Israel which in its own right is troubling to many in the Obama administration. Aligned with Israel against Iran being allowed to develop nuclear power is Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey and Jordan just to name a few. So Mr. Schumer does not have to be concerned that he will be accused of siding with Israel and Jewish support of Israel because he too is a Jew. There is little doubt that this is an issue that concerns Chuck Schumer but as you can see there is no basis for that.

So we are waiting for our senator to speak out and take a stand. We are waiting for Chuck to stand up and boldly speak out as the Obama administration repeatedly attempts to diplomatically abuse Israel. I reached out to the Senators Washington office late Monday for comment and was offered the following statement on the negotiations with Iran from the Senator. “I’m going to be briefed by Vice President Biden this afternoon, so I’m withholding final judgment until then. But from what I’ve heard of the potential agreement, my initial reaction is to be dubious. I think we are giving Iran much more than we get in return, and so while I’m withholding final judgment until I get briefed by the administration, my initial reaction was dubious. A rare moment in foreign policy where at least, if you know what’s in the papers, I agreed with the French.”

According to news reports emanating from Geneva over last weekend it were the French who stood up to the desire to race to announce that an agreement has been reached with the Iranians. However, according to those familiar with the details of the process and who saw the draft agreement it was a one sided document that left European and Middle Eastern leaders very unhappy. But unless France spoke up on Saturday night the document might have been signed, all so President Obama could declare a foreign policy victory where so many presidents have failed over the last thirty years. The point to consider in the second Obama administration is the ease with which defeat and rejection is packaged as a victory and accomplishment to be celebrated.


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