Democratic candidates for president (left to right) Joseph Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris

By Larry Gordon

It just might be that New Jersey senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker is a racist. It is also possible that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a racist, and so are senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris. But then again they might not be racists, and before reaching a definite conclusion it is important to examine their words and actions from all angles.

From a political perspective and for campaign purposes, however, that is no reason not to declare them at least temporary racists until such time as we discover otherwise. We can always change our minds about the matter later. For the time being, let’s work with the assumption that they are racists.

With the torrent of accusations being hurled at President Trump alternating between labeling him a racist, a white supremacist, or both, it is unlikely he is any of those things. The constant fusillade of accusations directed at the president manages to get the field of Democratic contenders more than ample face time on TV news, and that seems to be the goal.

Senator Booker, who was a Rhodes Scholar and has a strong relationship with Jews and Israel, has had to derail that relationship for the time being in an attempt to boost his stalled poll numbers among the two dozen would-be candidates for president.

The problem with Mr. Booker is that he thinks anything he and his cohorts say will be picked up by the media and be presented as true. Remember that when Senator Booker said what he did about President Trump, he was responding to the question of “Do you believe that President Trump is a racist?”

If he had answered properly and truthfully as an educated and intelligent person, he would have said that the president is not racist. Had he responded like that, however, the headlines would have been “Booker Declares Trump Not Racist!” And that would have isolated Booker so far from the Democratic pack that he might have qualified as a potential Trump running mate.

As is the case with most of the Democratic presidential office seekers, Senator Booker has become unhinged on this matter. Last Saturday in Iowa, when asked by a reporter for Jewish Insider about Israel, Booker said that he thought that Prime Minister Netanyahu was definitely a racist, and he added that, in his estimation, President Trump is the worst president for Israel and that his policies are endangering the Jewish state.

There you have it. Not only does whatever you say about any matter not have to be true, it can also clearly contradict unmitigated truth. So the prime minister of Israel, which contains probably the most diverse ethnic and racial population in the world, is a racist, according to Senator Booker. And according to him, Trump is the worst for Israel.

Senator Booker said what he did about Netanyahu being a racist as a matter of targeting and isolating the Jewish leader and as a way of currying favor with his anti-Israel Congressional colleagues on the socialist left. Denigrating a Jewish leader and advocating a policy that can jeopardize the Jewish state is also a form of dangerous racism. The only saving grace for Senator Booker and friends in the party is that they are just mouthing words that they believe will grab media attention and, in a deviant way, advance their candidacy. So here is something complimentary about Cory Booker: he knows that none of what he says is true. Quite a politician and quite a guy.

Let’s stop this now. It is asinine to have to sit here and write words that defend Mr. Netanyahu against racism, and it is just as foolish to have to do so on behalf of President Trump. The Democratic candidates think they have a winner here as they bandy about the racism and white supremacist accusation to no end.

A few weeks ago, at one of the Democratic Party debates, Senator Elizabeth Warren declared that as long as some of the candidates were talking unceasingly about Mr. Trump’s imaginary racism, President Trump was indulging in “environmental racism, economic racism, and healthcare racism.”

Along those lines, it just might be that President Trump’s racism is racist, which means that one would cancel the other one out, meaning that, theoretically, the president is not at all racist.

On a related matter, after 70 members of the House of Representatives visited Israel this week and last week on a trip sponsored by AIPAC, the stage is being set for a visit next week by two outspoken haters and critics of Israel, Congress members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. According to the above theories and formulations, both representatives might be racists.

Additionally, Israel’s Channel 13 reported on Sunday that President Trump asked Prime Minister Netanyahu not to allow the two congressional advocates of anti-Israel policy to enter Israel. It makes sense for Israel not to allow them and perhaps Ms. AOC, who may be accompanying them, to enter the country. Israel has a law on the books that gives the government the right to refuse entry to people committed to working on matters that are to the detriment of the Jewish state. That includes those in favor of the anti-Israel BDS movement of which the congresswomen are outspoken advocates.

On the other hand, however, in the long run it would do more harm than good to Israel’s interests not to allow these congressional characters into Israel. The Netanyahu government has said it will allow Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib into Israel next week. Unlike the despotic government of Somalia and the corrupt Palestinian Authority, Israel is an open democratic country, not afraid of critics — even dishonest ones — and has nothing to hide.

On the contrary, Israel has everything to be proud of. It is well-known in advance of the visit that Omar and Tlaib will be lying about the reality as it exists inside the Jewish state. These two, along with Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, are not just racists but also indulge in virulent antisemitism, so they have everything going for them. There is no need to condemn them; they are individuals who are self-destructive.

On the matter of the race for Democratic Party superiority, the open question remains as to who in the current field has the best chance to emerge as the candidate that faces off against President Trump in 2020.

The polls say the forerunners are former vice president Joe Biden, Senator Sanders, or Senator Warren. Biden seems to be slowly but surely gaffing himself out of the running. JI reports this week that Sanders’s campaign managers are urging him to focus more on his Jewishness, the fact that there were victims and survivors of the Holocaust in his family, and that he lived in Israel for a short time a long time ago.

If they are urging Sanders to do that, it’s not because he needs the Jewish vote. If anything, it is to detract from his lunatic ideas that he has for the country should he somehow win. Sanders is a big critic of current U.S. policy toward Israel. Some would characterize him as a self-hating Jew. Wearing his Judaism on his sleeve over the next 15 or so months can, if nothing else, protect him from that accusation.

Bottom line: the Democrats are a dangerous bunch. They have deep and serious identity problems. Are they racists? Maybe they are and maybe they’re not.


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