Dear Editor,

Thank you for your coverage of the Siyum HaShas.  As someone who has been to the Siyum HaShas under Rabbi Moshe Sherer zichrono livracha, I must tell you I sorely missed his presence.

While the program and the dancing were both fantastic and very inspiring, I must say that the program was excessively long.  It was scheduled to end by 11:01 and did not end until two and one half hours later.

Whenever you have an event, it is necessary to have someone in full control that is running the show.  There must be someone who is capable of placing a piece of paper in front of the speaker and firmly telling him that he must finish within the next two minutes and not in five minutes but two minutes.

Sadly, there was no one that was able to do this at this past Siyum HaShas.  Rabbi Moshe Sherer was able to do it.  This underscores the need for effective leadership — because there were numerous repercussions to the lateness of the hour.

1] Shuls with weaker numbers missed minyanim in the morning

2] The Daf Shiurim got off to a rough start the next morning

3] The lateness of the night could cause accidents — chas v’shalom from bleary-eyed drivers (I understand that this did in fact happen and that nine people were injured).

4] People could not get up the next morning and their job performance was affected.

Hopefully, this important issue will be resolved in 7 and ½ more years — but they should be addressed now.  Agudah needs a Harry Truman — the Buck Stops Here.

Bleary-Eyed in Brooklyn


Dear Editor:

Thank you for telling me about your newly revamped web-site.  It is now one of my favorites as it is updated more often than any other Torah website.   I wish you much Hatzlachah!

Pertaining to our discussion about the Jewish Websites, there is something that I wanted to point out about Failed Messiah.  It is somewhat ironic that he purports to champion women’s rights by pointing out how the “Chareidi” organizations do not print women’s pictures or edits them out, yet that site has no qualms whatsoever about printing the most disparaging comments about Torah women speakers — saying that they have secret backgrounds chalilah as Prostitutes!

This is downright disgusting and shows quite clearly and quite conclusively that he his intentions are pure self-hating anti-Semitism and not benelovant concern for women as some would argue.

Esther Neise



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