Dear Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Hervey-

As I lay in my cold dark house with my wife and 5 children for yet another night (8 or 9 in all- but whose counting anymore? NOT LIPA!) I felt the need to email you to express my utter frustration for your leadership and pathetic organization for the company you allegedly are “in charge” of, LIPA.

You and your team have shown NY, the USA and the entire world how to completely screw up a company and peoples lives on a whole new level. I have spoken to crews from as far off away as Quebec and Minnesota. They have told me that they deal with snow and winds far greater than what we have seen and have NEVER dealt with such atrocities. No direction of crews. LIPA telling crews not to reinforce the lines and just to band aid the situation which will break again.

They also in form me that the power lines and trees tangled within them are something so poor they have never seen anything like it.

It is time for heads to roll! Let the first be yours. I copy our government leaders to apply further pressure on LIPA to make some more immediate changes NOW

Sincerely, Daniel Herschberg Valley Stream, NY


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