For the first time, Frum Divorce is hosting a special weekend for frum divorced singles, with or without their children, February 14-16, at the Renaissance Hotel in Westchester. The weekend will feature five-star accommodations and delicious food. An amazing children’s programming including babysitting is also being provided.

Frum Divorce was formed two years ago to support Orthodox Jews going through the difficult process of divorce. Over the past two years it has run dozens of events, featuring speakers of great renown, such as Dr. David Pelkovitz, Dr. Edward Farber, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi YY Rubinstein, and others. Today it has over 1,000 members, and all its events are sold out!

The concept of the weekend was designed as an opportunity to give people who have been through so much difficulty, heartache, and sadness the chance to spiritually rejuvenate. This weekend is an opportunity to realize that life is not over, and a divorce is not the end, but rather can be a new beginning.

They have put together a first-class list of speakers, including Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, who will headline the event, as well as Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi YY Rubinstein, Professor Faigy Zakheim, Dr. Edward Farber, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer. It will also feature well-known facilitator and shadchan Mrs. Baila Sebrow.

The prerequisite for attending this event is having given or received a get. While the organizers understand that many people’s situations are complex, they need to ensure that this standard is adhered to.

All those involved in Frum Divorce are volunteers, doing this as a mission of love and dedicated to the fulfillment of the organization’s goal.

In order for divorced people to be good parents, they need to have sprinklings of joy and happiness in their lives. Coming to such a weekend will enable them to rejuvenate their story and return to the regular world energized, and inspired to be better people. For more information, please visit v


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